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Topic subjectWeekend Soccer 10.27-28: Time to Bale
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2676870, Weekend Soccer 10.27-28: Time to Bale
Posted by benny, Fri Oct-26-18 10:14 AM
Sunday will be the first Clasico played without Messi and Ronaldo in 10 years and somehow that is something of a sidenote, as Julen Lopetegui continues his semi-annus horibilis by being on the verge of being sacked, less than 10 weeks into his season. Real Madrid won -tediously- in the Champions League, and Isco has issued a fiery proclamation of support for his manager, but the writing seems to be on the wall, and not in faint ink either. And really, the fact that there is clamor for 18 year old new signing Vinicius Jr tells you more than you need. For Barcelona the absence of their talismanic star has so far been alleviated by a squad that is still one of the very best in Europe. Their league start, though better than Real's, has been pushy as well. But with Coutinho and Rafinha surrounding Suarez effectively, they'll be confident in their chances of taking a 7pt lead on their arch-rivals.

Spurs and City meet in one of the biggest Monday night fixtures in recent memory. Only 2pts separate them, which should reassure Spurs fans despite some early season struggles and injuries. Everton travel to Old Trafford hot off 2 straight wins, though they haven't beat the Red Devils since 2015.

Saturday, October 27
Brighton & Hove Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers 9:00 AM (CT)
Fulham v AFC Bournemouth 9:00 AM
Liverpool v Cardiff City 9:00 AM
Southampton v Newcastle United 9:00 AM
Watford v Huddersfield Town 9:00 AM
Leicester City vWest Ham United 11:30 AM
Sunday, October 28
Burnley v Chelsea 8:30 AM
Crystal Palace v Arsenal 8:30 AM
Manchester United v Everton 11:00 AM
Monday, October 29
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City 3:00 PM
2676877, Championship weekend: Comme ci, comme ça for Villa
Posted by magilla vanilla, Fri Oct-26-18 11:24 AM
Unfortunately, the games have come thick and fast since the international break, meaning there's been precious little time for Dean Smith to stamp his imprimatur on the team. The win at home to Swansea was nice, the second-half fade away at Norwich less so. But! the team's organization has looked so much better, players are in their natural positions, and we've been creating chances. Also, John McGinn won goal of the month in the Championship for the belter of a volley against the Wednesday. So there's that. Roll on to Selhurst today.

19:45 Queens Park Rangers - Aston Villa

12:30 Middlesbrough FC - Derby County -:-
15:00 Birmingham City - Sheffield Wednesday -:-
15:00 Bolton Wanderers - Hull City -:-
15:00 Bristol City - Stoke City -:-
15:00 Millwall FC - Ipswich Town -:-
15:00 Norwich City - Brentford FC -:-
15:00 Preston North End - Rotherham United -:-
15:00 Sheffield United - Wigan Athletic -:-
15:00 Swansea City - Reading FC -:-
15:00 West Bromwich Albion - Blackburn Rovers -:-
17:30 Leeds United - Nottingham Forest

2676881, alexis inching closer to january exit.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Fri Oct-26-18 12:22 PM
reportedly he's "become disillusioned at old trafford" and the club is "looking to cut its losses"


i remember all my manu mates giving me shit about nicking our "best player". seems like just yesterday.

2676882, Oh good, a boot right to the face
Posted by bshelly, Fri Oct-26-18 12:33 PM
2676897, Be positive! Spurs are 23-6-13 v. MCI in their last 42 matches.
Posted by Buck, Fri Oct-26-18 03:46 PM
2676911, 7
Posted by bshelly, Fri Oct-26-18 09:42 PM
2676934, Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah
Posted by smutsboy, Sat Oct-27-18 10:55 AM
Running down the wing

Salah -la-la-la-la-la-la

The Egyptian King
2676942, Terrible end to this Leicester/WHU.
Posted by Buck, Sat Oct-27-18 01:21 PM
Glad NBC aren't showing the replay.
2676967, That post was about Amartey, but the helicopter crash too?
Posted by Buck, Sun Oct-28-18 07:04 AM
Damn. RIP.

2677038, whoa rip
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Oct-28-18 05:26 PM
2676970, So awful, RIP
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-28-18 10:14 AM
2676968, Mustafi is an idiot - zero composure in high risk situations
Posted by LA2Philly, Sun Oct-28-18 09:22 AM
You cannot go to ground there in the box and risk catching someone.
2676972, Always enjoy how Liga games are shot
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-28-18 10:22 AM
Mostly a wide-shot that lets you see what’s going on. Waaaay less of the BS close-ups that Premier League editors seem to think we can’t do without (same thing in Ligue 1)
2676976, CP deserved the point, disappointing in how we gave it up
Posted by LA2Philly, Sun Oct-28-18 10:29 AM
CP played well and kept pushing, deserved point for them. What's disappointing for me isn't the result rather how we gave up the two goals. Mustafi makes a really poor decision on the first one and then on the second we completely flub a two man advantage counter by Laga turning the ball over which results in the 4v4 going the other way...Xhaka leaves his leg in and that's that.

2676982, Fair result. Need nacho back stat!
Posted by calminvasion, Sun Oct-28-18 11:09 AM
Lacs was poor. Should have subbed him off instead of Ozil. Too many forwards at that point. His turnover was rain for second penalty
2676984, RM are god fucking awful this year
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Oct-28-18 11:22 AM
2676988, This RM defense, oof
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-28-18 11:57 AM
Thought they started playing better once Varane came out, but that only lasted 20mins
2676989, la Manita!
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-28-18 12:00 PM
2676990, Martial is really up for it lately.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Oct-28-18 12:08 PM
looks like Jose finally cracked him.
2676992, Pogba showboating fail leads to typical Smalling penalty smfh
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Oct-28-18 12:36 PM
2677023, Tuchel putting Mbappe on the bench for Marseille-PSG, why tf not
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-28-18 03:10 PM
2677030, ok nvm works about as well as expected
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-28-18 03:55 PM
2677161, wow the post-NFL Wembley field looks a MESS
Posted by benny, Mon Oct-29-18 03:03 PM
2677162, Lopetegui officially fired
Posted by benny, Mon Oct-29-18 03:05 PM
what a GD fiasco
2677173, wonder what other dope they'll get to finish out this tank year.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Oct-29-18 04:11 PM
zidane and ronaldo were right to run for the hills.
2677175, conte, reportedly
Posted by dillinjah, Mon Oct-29-18 04:30 PM
2677185, wait, didn't they fuck up Spain's WC by hiring him?
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Oct-29-18 05:30 PM
2677533, They fucked up Spain's WC by announcing it before the tournament
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Nov-01-18 09:15 AM
If they'd waited until after the tournament no one would have cared. But they had to be Real Madrid about it
2677534, Spain fucked up their own WC by getting their panties in a bunch about it.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Nov-01-18 09:19 AM
Posted by bshelly, Mon Oct-29-18 06:05 PM
2677319, If anyone's interested, my last three soccer pieces:
Posted by LA2Philly, Tue Oct-30-18 02:32 PM
Most recent to not most recent:

Mustafi's lack of composure during the CP draw:

On Torreira's impact during the Leicester game:

Lallana's return for Liverpool:
2677542, great read on Lallana
Posted by smutsboy, Thu Nov-01-18 10:02 AM
Shame because he was killing it before these latest injuries.