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Topic subjectWeekend Soccer 10.06-07: Who wants to be a Milner
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2674728, Weekend Soccer 10.06-07: Who wants to be a Milner
Posted by benny, Fri Oct-05-18 11:26 AM
The hits keep on coming for Liverpool; following a scorching hot start they crashed back to earth after a week with 2 losses and a draw. Now they have leaders City stopping by for a visit in what clearly looks like the game of the season thus far. The Reds had resounding success against the Citizens last season at Anfield, but their current slump is clearly cause for concern. Klopp will probably look to change certain things on Sunday, including a midfield lineup that just hasn't been working out during this bad stretch. Keita has the tools to break down complex opposition, so a bigger role for him could be key. Could Xhaqiri, who had some very good spurts in these games, feature more? Or should Sturridge, scorer of one of the gems in the season to snatch a point at Chelsea, play earlier. In any case if Salah keeps struggling through his runs and touches, it may not be enough to counter a City team that could see the return of KDB, Gundogan and Mendy.

Barca travel to Valencia, a team that is low in the rankings but actually hasn't lost in the league since late August. FCB did look vivified against Spurs this week, and they'll look to right the ship after two weeks of not winning league games (thankfully for them matched by Madrid).

05.10.18 2:00p Brighton - West Ham
06.10.18 10:00a Burnley - Huddersfield
06.10.18 10:00a Crystal Palace - Wolverhampton
06.10.18 10:00a Leicester - Everton
06.10.18 10:00a Tottenham - Cardiff
06.10.18 10:00a Watford - Bournemouth
06.10.18 12:00a Manchester United - Newcastle
07.10.18 07:00a Fulham - Arsenal
07.10.18 09:00a Southampton - Chelsea
07.10.18 11:00a Liverpool - Manchester City
2674751, why is Noble still starting EPL games?
Posted by benny, Fri Oct-05-18 02:25 PM
2674754, Mirror says Jose’s sacked after tomorrow
Posted by bshelly, Fri Oct-05-18 04:17 PM
2674756, then do it now whats the point in waiting.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Oct-05-18 05:11 PM
2674769, Wolves are a fun team to watch.
Posted by Buck, Sat Oct-06-18 11:39 AM
Palace don't have much going on though.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sat Oct-06-18 11:41 AM
sack this bitch @ halftime. put him out of his misery.
2674771, as a Man Utd fan, you kinda have to sack everyone tho.
Posted by PROMO, Sat Oct-06-18 11:44 AM
like, even as a player if you hate playing for Mou, have some personal pride.

too many guys out there half assing it IS part of the problem.

Woodward and Mou should go.
2674772, Squad full of bitch ass niggas. Jose should've resigned after the transfer window closed
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Oct-06-18 11:47 AM
Done in on both sides by inept upper management and HO ASS NIGGAS on the field. I don't hold this against him at all.
2674775, I think we got that established a while back
Posted by benny, Sat Oct-06-18 12:45 PM
>I don't hold this against him at all.
2674793, Lol right
Posted by LA2Philly, Sat Oct-06-18 02:23 PM
2674779, them ho niggas prolly just saved his gig tho lol
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sat Oct-06-18 01:25 PM
2674781, They just saved themselves a little embarassment
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Oct-06-18 01:30 PM
2674773, Can you sack an entire soccer club at halftime? Asking for a friend.
Posted by PROMO, Sat Oct-06-18 12:23 PM
2674777, o shit, maggies screwed the pooch lol.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sat Oct-06-18 01:21 PM
should've seen that coming. guess mou is safe for now?
2674778, Once again the players don't show up until personal embarrassment is imminent.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Oct-06-18 01:23 PM
2674806, Dortmund may be the most interesting team to watch in Europe at the moment*
Posted by RandomFact, Sat Oct-06-18 05:12 PM
*even without the American.

A team mostly made up of young, hungry, unjaded, up and coming talent. A team outside of the top-10 in world spending. A team not run by oil money/regimes with horrible human rights records. Overall just a refreshing group to root for in a league that is at the very least 10x more compelling than Ligue 1.

They are very much worth a watch after the break.
2674859, wow @ the 3rd arsenal goal
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sun Oct-07-18 07:28 AM
holy shit that was good.

2674864, Emery-ball is looking pretty good.
Posted by Buck, Sun Oct-07-18 08:51 AM
2674873, This game is a bit stale
Posted by benny, Sun Oct-07-18 11:45 AM
2674878, jeeeeeeeeeesus mahrez lol
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Oct-07-18 12:14 PM
2674882, City seemed to have the better of the 2nd half, but fair result.
Posted by Buck, Sun Oct-07-18 12:27 PM
2674944, EV-ER-TON! EV-ER-TON!!
Posted by KiloMcG, Sun Oct-07-18 10:44 PM
2674957, lol this is pretty accurate
Posted by benny, Mon Oct-08-18 08:39 AM

Neymar as #10 is the most exciting thing to happen for us this season tho, props to Tuchel for that
2674993, Nice
Posted by bshelly, Mon Oct-08-18 11:19 AM