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Topic subjectOKP Survivor XIV{14}: THE DRAFT POST (Pt 1)
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2674381, OKP Survivor XIV{14}: THE DRAFT POST (Pt 1)
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Oct-02-18 10:03 AM
A few of us have indicated that this weekend will be touch-and-go for their time. As such, I've elected to move the draft around a little bit:

Draft starts TOMORROW - Wednesday, 10/3 @ Noon EST:
Draft will start, no time limit

Thursday, 10/4 @ Noon EST:
Timed draft starts
Noon-5pm EST, 15 min time limit
5pm EST clock off

Friday-Sunday, 10/5-10/7 @ Noon EST:
6 hour time limit over the weekend
Clock will turn off at 11pm EST all weekend and restart at 11am EST Saturday and Sunday
So basically, you have to pay attention to the draft until 5:01pm EST each day to avoid being skipped

Monday, 10/8 @ Noon EST:
Timed draft starts
1 hour live draft, 5 min time limit
1pm-5pm EST 15 min time limit
5pm EST clock off

Hopefully, the draft will be finished by this point (or before) but if not, we'll keep the same formula from Monday until we finish.

-Entry fee: $60
$60 Highest Avg, $60 best record
$260 for the runner up
$725 for the winner
-Payment is due by Friday, October 12th and 11:59pm EST.
-Paypal to: paypal.me/auraginboi or emystery@yahoo.com
-Late payment penalty schedule:

Missed Oct deadline date = $4
No payment by Nov 30th = $4
No payment by Dec 31st = $4
No payment by Jan 31st = $4
No payment by Feb 28/29th = $4
No payment by Mar 31st = $4
No payment until the entire season is over = $25 total penalty

This would make the fee $85 at seasons end ($60 entry plus $25 penalty). All penalty money will go towards the pot and any additional monies would go to the winner in whole (no split for runner up).

***josephmurf2384 - Your total will be $145 ($60 for you, $85 for Ernie's back pay last season)

1) Magilla
2) Theo (still owe $4)
3) TJT
4) Shawn
5) DVS


Make your picks on the site and then post up your selection in response to the appropriate Round in this post (or not).

I.E. - #1-California: LeBrondo JamBall, G/F (LA Kobestans)

With the 6 hour time limit, please be courteous and try to pick as swiftly as possible.