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Topic subjectI really don't get what would motivate a man to casually do this
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2663568, I really don't get what would motivate a man to casually do this
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Sun Jun-17-18 08:31 AM
Most of the money and glory is in men's sports... to the point that being an mediocre male athlete is often more lucrative than being an elite woman.

I mean, even if you ignore the science that says hormone treatments have a transformative (no pun intended) effect on people's bodies (muscle mass, bone density, "drive", etc) , it just doesn't make sense from a competitive/motivation perspective.

My best 400m time in high school was 54.x ... I wasn't sniffing a final on the boys side but that's probably scholarship worthy on the girls side. I'm gonna go to college with a girls track scholarship with just a wig and tucking my joint? How far is this charade really gonna last?

The IOC recently said anyone who's testosterone level is within the average limits for cis-gendered women can compete as a woman. The average cis-gendered man's MINIMUM is nearly 8 times a cis-gendered woman's MAXIMUM. When you get to the level that their might actually be financial motivations, there are easy ways to test to ensure that no one is getting an unfair advantage due to a hormone treatment.