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Topic subjectWTF? transgender sprinter wins two state titles amidst controversy
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2663519, WTF? transgender sprinter wins two state titles amidst controversy
Posted by Ill Jux, Sat Jun-16-18 11:53 AM
the mike bibby post lead me to looking up his high school coaching success and i came across this story. This is pure fuckery, seriously, wtf is this? are we really letting teen aged young men with extensions in there hair compete with girls? FOH. I just realized this story is from 2017, it's still crazy.

i apologize if this has been previously posted




Connecticut transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood wins two state titles amidst controversy

By: Cam Smith, USA TODAY High School Sports | June 7, 2017

The sentiment is universal: Everyone agrees that Andraya Yearwood should be allowed to compete in her chosen races as a girl. After all, she identifies as a girl, trains alongside fellow females and plans to eventually undergo hormone therapy to complete a transition from her male birth gender to female.

RELATED: Transgender freshman in Conn. competes with girls track team for first time

What is much harder to determine, as outlined beautifully in this Hartford Courant piece by Jeff Jacobs, is whether her competing as a girl in the Class M state track and field meet was fair.

Yearwood is a freshman star on the track for Cromwell High School, less than a 30 minute drive from Hartford. More than a week ago she blazed to a double state title victory in the 100 and 200 meters. In the process she vanquished the 200 meter winner from 2016, Stonington junior Sarah Hall, who had to deal with the repercussions of a year of improvement on the track and a step back in her final result relative to other competitors.

“I can’t really say what I want to say, but there’s not much I can do about it,” Hall told Jacobs. “You can’t blame anyone. Her times were slowing during the season. If I ran my best race, I could have won. I didn’t. I hadn’t felt good the last three days, but there are no excuses.

“From what I know she is really nice and that’s all that matters. She’s not rude and obnoxious.”

Befitting that assessment, both Yearwood and her father — an elementary school math teacher and former college football player — have taken the high road whenever they have come under fire for Yearwood’s gender, all while putting Andraya’s on-track success in perspective relative to her life.

“Obviously, I’ve gotten some negative attention but I don’t worry about it much,” Andraya Yearwood told the Courant. “I’ve gotten a lot of good attention for who I am, which is really nice; it helps me with my race.”

Added her father, Rahsaan Yearwood:

“In terms of the fairness aspect, I don’t think about that as a father. I only think about, is my daughter happy, healthy and able to participate in what she wants to do? I don’t care if she wins or loses. I don’t care if she wins and gives the medals back. She got to compete as a girl where she feels she should compete. That’s all that matters to me. …

“I think anyone who makes a 15-year-old running in Class M in Connecticut into a bigger story than it needs to be — this is not someone that transitioned as a senior trying to get a scholarship to college,” he said. “This is someone who has been working toward this her whole life. There is a bigger story that has nothing to do with competitive track.”

We can’t encourage you enough to read Jacobs’ entire piece, and to think about it’s larger implications. The state of Connecticut is clearly stuck in a delicate tap dance, and perhaps the most significant takeaway is how well everyone seems to be putting an awkward and potentially explosive situation into broader perspective.

Andraya Yearwood, Connecticut, Cromwell High School (Cromwell CT), track, Track & field, transgender, transgender athletes, transgender athletics, Outside The Box
2663533, This post is destined to be awful.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Jun-16-18 04:07 PM
So I’ll simply state that a transgender girl is not a teen boy with extensions and leave before the terrible pending comments on transgender teens fill me with rage.
2663535, this is why we need to have the discussion...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Sat Jun-16-18 04:37 PM
..ignoring this issue won't help.

Discussing why the OP is problematic is a great place to start.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2663537, The extra comments are problematic. But I think it's a real issue
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Sat Jun-16-18 05:05 PM
worthy of discussion.

Do these athletes have a competitive advantage over others because of their situation? If they do, what should be done?

Are the other kids supposed to shrug and be okay with it?
2663545, it's almost like our entire notion of gender is exposed
Posted by rob, Sat Jun-16-18 06:20 PM
when trying to tie it to categories for fair competition.
2663548, Yes. Nothing. Yes.
Posted by Walleye, Sat Jun-16-18 06:49 PM
She's not even that fast. This really isn't a big deal.
2663569, /post
Posted by thejerseytornado, Sun Jun-17-18 08:47 AM
never fuck with walleye. never.

you think we playing chess, but i'm playing mad-making. Basaglia
2663572, Fast enough to win 2 state titles as a freshman
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Sun Jun-17-18 09:21 AM
2663615, LMAO!!!
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Jun-17-18 01:58 PM
2663625, She can't even run under 12 seconds
Posted by Walleye, Sun Jun-17-18 03:07 PM
She's good-not-great for a girl, even a freshman girl. NCAA and IAAF both have protocols to deal with this, but most (all?) high school track federations don't because the fucked up social consequences really outweigh a state track championship by such an obvious degree that it's really not worth the price or invasion of privacy to police.

If you really want to stake something on this issue, you should check out the same race from this most recent season. This issue got (literally) doubly thorny. Though again, I don't think it's thorny at all, so it's really a 2 x 0 = 0 thing. High school sports just aren't that important.
2663645, RE: She can't even run under 12 seconds
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jun-18-18 08:23 AM
>High school sports just aren't that important.

They are to high school athletes.
2663684, Oh, nevermind then
Posted by Walleye, Mon Jun-18-18 11:31 AM
We probably shouldn't bother trying to shape their priorities.

I mean, what's an adult but a child, just larger and closer to death. The additional life experience and perspective we've acquired probably shouldn't be communicated to them in any meaningful way because what the hell do we know.

2663688, you, sir, are a national treasure.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Mon Jun-18-18 11:40 AM
2663693, !!!
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-18-18 11:46 AM
>We probably shouldn't bother trying to shape their
>I mean, what's an adult but a child, just larger and closer to
>death. The additional life experience and perspective we've
>acquired probably shouldn't be communicated to them in any
>meaningful way because what the hell do we know.

I was really afraid when I decided to click on this post again, dreading the horrors within and punishing myself for my morbid curiosity. Now I'm glad I did.
2663698, I know these posts are usually the Uber-Liberal Olympics and I'm not...
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jun-18-18 12:23 PM
interested in debating any of that.

But for a lot of kids high school sports is more than just an extra-curricular activity.

It can be the difference in them going to college or not. That can change their lives. That can change their families lives for generations.
2663701, dont pretend thats your motivation lmao
Posted by cgonz00cc, Mon Jun-18-18 12:28 PM
for one, that girl doeant affect anyone else's times. track is about competing against yourself when it comes to advancement

for another, everyone knows that queer and trans issues in sports will bring you runnin after the dinner bell
2663710, I addressed a specific point to a specific poster, if you care to...
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jun-18-18 12:57 PM
discuss something else feel free.
2663718, And AFAIK, track coaches recruit on times and potential, not medal count
Posted by magilla vanilla, Mon Jun-18-18 01:46 PM
So it literally has zero significance. Unless you're still polishing some state medal somewhere.
2663731, So are high school sports important or no?
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jun-18-18 02:45 PM
2664000, life, and its events, has whatever importance people put on it.
Posted by magilla vanilla, Wed Jun-20-18 09:24 AM
In the moment, it's probably the most important thing in the world. Over the course of a lifetime, its significance becomes pretty low.
2664090, Bottom line is the original blanket statement was false. For reasons...
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jun-20-18 03:10 PM
that the majority of posters on this board don't understand for obvious reasons, high school sports can make a tremendous difference in young peoples lives, particular those from a low income background.

For reasons that go beyond just earning scholarships, a lot of valuable life lessons are learned through sports like teamwork, leadership, discipline and million other things.

Also for some kids it just gives them something to do after school besides joining a gang, getting pregnant, etc.

High school sports can play HUGE a role for a number of reasons and to dismiss it as "unimportant" based on one issue is wrong.
2664186, I think he was saying that HS sports aren't that important
Posted by Cenario, Thu Jun-21-18 06:10 AM
Compared to the issue at hand.
2664191, he knows what walleye was saying.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Jun-21-18 07:55 AM
and everyone knows what the real bee in his bonnet is
2664199, If the position is "HS sports aren't that important" doesn't that work...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-21-18 08:38 AM
both ways?
2664201, what are the both ways?
Posted by Cenario, Thu Jun-21-18 08:49 AM
2664208, This is a SPORTS board and if you are a SPORTS fan then you should...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-21-18 09:09 AM
be in favor of FAIR competition.

If a boy identifies as a girl that a decision made between them and their family but they shouldn't be competing against girls.

If a girl identifies as a boy and is taking testosterone injections they should not be wrestling girls.

Its not fair. I feel like the transgender kids want to have their cake and eat it too and all the other kids just have to suck it up and take it. If "high school sports aren't important" I feel like the transgender kids should have bigger things to worry about.
2664251, it doesn't sound like the transgender kid is worrying about anything
Posted by Cenario, Thu Jun-21-18 12:01 PM

It sounds like you are.
2664268, Really the only way to be completely far is to eliminate gender...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-21-18 01:00 PM
separation in high school sports. No more separate boys and girls track, wrestling, basketball, soccer, etc teams. Everybody competes in everything together. Everyone can play whatever sport they want and gender is a complete non-factor.

For the natural born girls that can't compete with the boys, fuck them, they need to just suck it up. High school sports aren't that important anyway, right?

Oh yeah everyone should use the same locker room too.
2664272, Again, sounds like the transgender kid isn't worrying about anything
Posted by Cenario, Thu Jun-21-18 01:07 PM
2664459, Right, because they're getting they're way, fuck those other girls
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jun-21-18 07:38 PM
2663778, None of those things were at stake in this race
Posted by Walleye, Mon Jun-18-18 05:03 PM
Nobody there was fast enough. I'm sure the second place finisher appreciates your concern, but it's a non-issue.
2663800, But your general blanket statement was false.
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jun-18-18 05:59 PM
2664142, no, it wasnt. life priorites > h.s. sports. very simple and always true.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Jun-20-18 07:23 PM
2663721, An eternal question: why do people keep testing you?
Posted by thejerseytornado, Mon Jun-18-18 01:57 PM
have they not learned?
you think we playing chess, but i'm playing mad-making. Basaglia
2663962, they're too dumb to know they've lost
Posted by J_Stew, Tue Jun-19-18 05:59 PM
2663553, RE: The extra comments are problematic? why?
Posted by Ill Jux, Sat Jun-16-18 09:34 PM
so i should have called myself trans and been the best highschool bball player ever, as a girl? come on man. do u want to see trans "women" boxing? come on, wtf is this?
2663556, why didn't you? why don't you think it's happening more often?
Posted by rob, Sat Jun-16-18 09:51 PM
people cheat all the time. in so many different ways.

this isn't common because it's not what you think it is.
2663568, I really don't get what would motivate a man to casually do this
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Sun Jun-17-18 08:31 AM
Most of the money and glory is in men's sports... to the point that being an mediocre male athlete is often more lucrative than being an elite woman.

I mean, even if you ignore the science that says hormone treatments have a transformative (no pun intended) effect on people's bodies (muscle mass, bone density, "drive", etc) , it just doesn't make sense from a competitive/motivation perspective.

My best 400m time in high school was 54.x ... I wasn't sniffing a final on the boys side but that's probably scholarship worthy on the girls side. I'm gonna go to college with a girls track scholarship with just a wig and tucking my joint? How far is this charade really gonna last?

The IOC recently said anyone who's testosterone level is within the average limits for cis-gendered women can compete as a woman. The average cis-gendered man's MINIMUM is nearly 8 times a cis-gendered woman's MAXIMUM. When you get to the level that their might actually be financial motivations, there are easy ways to test to ensure that no one is getting an unfair advantage due to a hormone treatment.
2663622, The UFC fighter who transitioned to a woman and beat up women
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Jun-17-18 02:42 PM
That shit always seemed fucked up to me. Like, that’s some serious shit IMO.

Not sure why folks shrugged at it either.

Psychologically, something aint right. You feel like you are a woman inside... ok, cool. However, once you decide you want to get in an octagon and fuxk women up, no one said “wait, hold up?”
2663744, "transitioned" is always the operative word to me on this
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Mon Jun-18-18 03:05 PM
That process has a profound impact on a person, both physical and mental.
2663956, he wasn't in the UFC
Posted by Ill Jux, Tue Jun-19-18 05:10 PM
2663984, he/she was in some octagon fighting women
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jun-20-18 06:42 AM
2663543, We’ve tried talking gay/trans issues on this board for years, Cy.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Jun-16-18 06:08 PM
Every time it comes up, it spirals because certain dudes have no interest in learning or understanding or attempting to find empathy. As a result, my empathy for those dudes has deadened.

There’s a complex issue at hand re: hormones, testosterone, potential advantages given to certain balances, etc. That’s true, and there are interesting pieces written about this issue by writers smarter than me that I’m sure the OP is capable of Googling and seeking out if he’s interested in understanding the trans perspective on this issue.

But the extra comments and this board’s history with attempting to have discourse on issues like this here... I just can’t do it anymore. I’ve tried with too many people who think trans kids are “dudes in dresses.” There’s nothing I can do to convince them that they’re wrong. I encourage them to watch interviews with these kids— or, better yet, to find a local center that works with trans children and talk to them to understand firsthand what they go through. That will have a much higher success rate for OP than anything I, a message board stranger, can write to convince him.

I truly hope anyone who feels the way OP feels is earnestly seeking understanding, compassion, and education when discussing these issues. But I also believe my skepticism that this post was made in good faith is justified, with nearly every post on gay/trans issues in the past as my historical context. It’s just too exhausting.

Anyone who wants to talk with me about this in good faith, seeking to truly understand why trans kids matter, can inbox me, and I’ll have a Skype call with them or meet them for a drink in LA. That may have a higher rate of success than a post here. I’m sorry for sounding cynical when it comes to these issues on OKS... I’ve just spent too much time and made too little progress in posts/social media convos on these issues. Far too burned to keep doing it.
2663561, *likes post* adds ❤️ for good measure
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Jun-17-18 05:52 AM
2663689, yerp.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Mon Jun-18-18 11:41 AM
folx aren't actually trying to build, discuss and learn. just looking to get they bigotry off. why bother?
2663958, get off bigotry?
Posted by Ill Jux, Tue Jun-19-18 05:23 PM
seriously? my views are from a place of unwillingness to understand, why i can i disagree with teenaged boys competing with girls? please, i understand people wanting to date the same sex or even dress as the opposite sex but i when i see a 14 year old black male in america doing it i am not trying to understand it because the kid doesn't understand it.
2664289, how do you know this? did you ask them?
Posted by pretentious username, Thu Jun-21-18 01:37 PM
but i when i see a
>14 year old black male in america doing it i am not trying to
>understand it because the kid doesn't understand it.
2663554, seriously? that will get you enraged?
Posted by Ill Jux, Sat Jun-16-18 09:35 PM
2663558, theres an entire world just beyond the tip of your nose
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Jun-16-18 10:19 PM
you should check it out sometime
2663957, RE: theres an entire world just beyond the tip of your nose
Posted by Ill Jux, Tue Jun-19-18 05:12 PM
i guess your world has transgendered teenagers all throughout it. you're amazing
2664143, no, but im not a fucking moron
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed Jun-20-18 07:26 PM
so i understand that trans kids have a hard time with life, and that people who contribute to that are either
1) too stupid to realize what they are doing
2) too broken inside to care

which are you?
2664247, lol, u mad?
Posted by Ill Jux, Thu Jun-21-18 11:54 AM
seriously dude, come on. i'm either stupid or broken, ok. cool convo.
2736621, there was never going to be a "convo" between us
Posted by cgonz00cc, Wed May-05-21 07:49 PM
i said what was on my mind, and i still think youre a fucking idiot

theres nothing else to talk about
2663649, smartest OKP Forum, can turn dumb reallll quick
Posted by Amritsar, Mon Jun-18-18 08:37 AM
2663551, I'm somewhat in favor of anything that makes upper class white people
Posted by J_Stew, Sat Jun-16-18 07:52 PM
from Connecticut mad. I'm talking about the parents, the kids seem to have a more firm grasp on the importance (or rather lack thereof) of sports.
2663552, It's wild, I've seen this exact same article posted this week
Posted by Rjcc, Sat Jun-16-18 08:51 PM
in two other discussion groups.

even though it's not even from this year.

it's almost like certain people really desperately want to bring this issue up

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2664892, isn't it an odd coincidence
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Jun-25-18 07:43 AM
that a similar thread just randomly pops up in GD.

I wonder if y'all are on the same mailing lists.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2736414, Caitlyn Jenner says transgender girls competing in girls' sports in school unfair
Posted by Ill Jux, Mon May-03-21 10:44 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic champion and reality TV personality now running for California governor, said she opposes transgender girls competing in girls' sports at school.

Jenner, a 1976 decathlon Olympic gold medalist who came out as a transgender woman in 2015, told a TMZ reporter on Saturday that it's "a question of fairness."

"That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school. It just isn't fair. And we have to protect girls' sports in our schools," Jenner said Saturday during a brief interview in a Malibu parking lot.

It was Jenner's first comment on the issue since announcing her candidacy to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall election. Five states have passed laws or implemented executive orders this year limiting the ability of transgender youths to play sports or receive certain medical treatment. There's been a vehement outcry from supporters of transgender rights.

Jenner, 71, a Republican, supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election but later criticized his administration for some discriminatory actions against transgender people.

Many transgender rights advocates have criticized Jenner, saying she has failed to convince them that she is a major asset to their cause.
2736434, oh now y'all like caitlyn jenner
Posted by Rjcc, Mon May-03-21 03:08 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2736568, so it's all or nothing, huh?
Posted by Ill Jux, Wed May-05-21 11:47 AM
2736601, she's literally participated in women's tournaments
Posted by Rjcc, Wed May-05-21 03:03 PM
if you want to be a loser your whole life go ahead I'm not actually stopping you

fuckin loser

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2736764, ???
Posted by Ill Jux, Sat May-08-21 02:42 PM
2736572, youre on the case
Posted by Kungset, Wed May-05-21 12:29 PM
like Jake Gyllenhal in Zodiac and shit
2736606, "Caitlyn Jenner is the Candace Owens of the trans community" - Jemele
Posted by Marbles, Wed May-05-21 03:34 PM


I don't understand how Jenner thought she could come out against trans girls playing girls sports when this is lingering out there.

She's an awful human being. Jemele is dead on.

2736765, lol, wtf does that even mean? also f--k Jemele
Posted by Ill Jux, Sat May-08-21 02:43 PM
2736569, Did y’all read about how all this legislation
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Wed May-05-21 12:03 PM
Is highly increasing the number of boys who are identifying as trans girls so they could go dominate and win a middle and high school medal? Shit is crazy

Oh wait it’s actually not happening
2736570, LMAO
Posted by Cenario, Wed May-05-21 12:20 PM
2736612, Lolololol
Posted by pretentious username, Wed May-05-21 03:58 PM
>Oh wait it’s actually not happening
2736638, There's a deep, ugly hole this is heading down
Posted by Walleye, Thu May-06-21 10:13 AM
This isn't going to exclude trans athletes from high school sports. It's going to exclude out trans athletes from high school sports.

Which means that athletes who don't look sufficiently feminine are going to be exposed to invasive sex verification. That's apparently a requirement of the Idaho law for any athlete whose sex is disputed, though it's blessedly resulting in some clearly necessary legal issues.

Just think that through, and think about which girls are most likely to be exposed to this evil violation. If people think this duty of "protection" isn't going to be used as a way to enforce racial and heteronormative ideals of the "right" kind of girl, then I think they're being extremely naive.
2736642, I wonder if "heteronormative" has ever been used on this board before.
Posted by Buck, Thu May-06-21 11:23 AM
2736668, Ha - I briefly tried to avoid it
Posted by Walleye, Thu May-06-21 04:15 PM
Turns out I prefer Women and Gender Studies 101 buzzwords over clunky language. I probably could have guessed that, but it was funny to consider the choice so explicitly.

I'd still be happy to hear an alternative though. I'm not positive I used or even spelled it right.
2736646, exactly
Posted by pretentious username, Thu May-06-21 12:33 PM
>Just think that through, and think about which girls are most
>likely to be exposed to this evil violation. If people think
>this duty of "protection" isn't going to be used as a way to
>enforce racial and heteronormative ideals of the "right" kind
>of girl, then I think they're being extremely naive.

it's the most slippery slope. parents will get mad that their kid is losing and will point to the winner and say they should be checked.
2736737, exactly this. same assholes that wanna check birth certificates b/c
Posted by poetx, Fri May-07-21 10:44 PM
Tanner's travel team got smacked up are the same ones who are gonna selectively use shit like this to be the epitome of evil to any non-aryan-barbie-doll looking girl.


peace & blessings,



I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad
2736741, "These white reactionaries are valuable partners in this struggle"
Posted by Walleye, Sat May-08-21 08:21 AM
Classic opening to some classic terrible ideas.