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Topic subjectOhtani’ pace. This has to be an auto MVP no?
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2736751, Ohtani’ pace. This has to be an auto MVP no?
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sat May-08-21 11:29 AM
119 run
130 RBIs
38 doubles
11 triples
54 Hrs
32 Sb

.273/.322/.645/.967. 165 OPs+

2.41 ERA
1.39 WHIP
103 BB
162 K
113/.333/.161/.495 against 181 ERAs+

Pace is a funny thing. Lots of stuff has to happen here to hit these numbers including staying healthy, but a lot of people would probably say he’s not even playing his best baseball yet on either side of the ball.

If he was anywhere near these could you deny him an MVP even if the angels keep sucking? It’d be such a historic season.