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2629752, Ohtani Posting Watch
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Fri Nov-10-17 10:17 AM
Yankees? Twins? Rangers?
Next year or end up waiting 2 more years?
Wish the Dodgers had a chance. There are also some injury concerns with his injury riddled season this year--but at the relatively "low cost" its not like youre burning 100 million + on him.




2629887, my rangers are such a mess
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Sat Nov-11-17 03:13 PM
putting money in all the wrong places

and this pie in the sky thing about getting yu and otani

2633266, Angels...wtf
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Fri Dec-08-17 02:57 PM
2633274, WC team that made a late push + he can DH. Makes sense
Posted by LA2Philly, Fri Dec-08-17 03:47 PM
Now we turn our attention toward Giancarlo and leverage our finances.
2633276, Mariners dodged the bullet. They wanted to get shot so bad.
Posted by PROMO, Fri Dec-08-17 03:57 PM
But we're still alive, baby!
2633278, They did make a trade yesterday so not completely dodged
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Fri Dec-08-17 04:49 PM
Having to give prospects to increase poool money. At least they got Gordon out of the deal.

For most teams the front end risk of trading pieces away for pool money is the big risk with Ohtani.

What he will actually get paid in salary is pennies compared to what he would make in an open market bidding process
2633326, He just committed career suicide
Posted by hip bopper, Sat Dec-09-17 02:31 AM
2633350, what's this mean for fantasy baseball?
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sat Dec-09-17 01:38 PM
how they gonna score him?
2633369, I think they should make two separate players
Posted by KosherSam, Sat Dec-09-17 06:23 PM
Otani the pitcher and Otani the hitter. You can draft either (or both) but each version only gets credit for the scoring categories of his version.
2633647, The pros and cons of Shohei Ohtani in fantasy (espn insider swipe)
Posted by kinetic94761180, Mon Dec-11-17 10:47 PM
(to answer my question, espn hasn't yet decided how scoring will change or if there will be changes atall)

Eric Karabell
ESPN Senior Writer

Shohei Ohtani has incredible potential as a two-way MLB player, but how should fantasy players value him ahead of the 2018 season?
There’s every reason for Los Angeles Angels fans and fantasy managers to be intrigued and excited about Japanese import Shohei Ohtani due to the endless statistical possibilities. The problem is many of these possibilities for the 2018 season seem unrealistic. A Cy Young-caliber starting pitcher and an awesome, middle-of-the-order power hitter all in one player? Where do I sign up?

Fantasy managers want to rewrite the rules on how such a player could alter the sport. Hey, I’m as optimistic as the next person, but when someone asks me how to value the newest Japanese import for double duty, something unprecedented in modern baseball, my answer is pretty simple: It won’t be me finding out.

Pick the winner of all 41 bowl games this year in ESPN's Capital One Bowl Mania game and win $1,000,000! Play Now for Free!
As colleague Tristan H. Cockcroft informed with expert aplomb, Ohtani, 23, has to overcome several hurdles to warrant the lofty attention and list of comparable options he’s getting. One, he needs to stay healthy, no small feat considering he missed most of last season with ankle and hamstring injuries. Two, the Angels actually need to present him substantial at-bats to make it worth any fantasy manager’s while to consider him an asset on the hitting side, and then Ohtani has to prove he can hit like an everyday option. This sport isn’t exactly easy, you should know.

Ohtani is a potential ace hurler but hasn’t shown durability, and at the plate he hasn’t faced top pitching on any consistent basis. Frankly, I’m just viewing him as a pitcher and he should be a good one, as Cockcroft notes, capable of high strikeout totals and solid run-prevention tools. It’s a sloppy comparison based mainly on where they come from, but Yu Darvish comes to mind as a comparison. Darvish strikes hitters out and has had varying degrees of success in staying healthy and suppressing runs. Darvish also came to the Texas Rangers ready for 200 innings of work. Ohtani has never approached this figure and the Angels haven’t shared much on how they intend to use him. Will he get as many as 150 innings?

In an era in which 200-inning pitchers are becoming more rare by the season -- only 15 pitchers made it in 2017 -- fantasy managers should indeed lower expectations for volume in general, without missing out on upside. It is certainly possible Ohtani is special and dominates a new league of hitters for 25-plus starts, which would perhaps land him among the top-10 fantasy pitchers. Let’s grant that is plausible. Darvish didn’t do that in his first MLB season, though. His ERA was 3.90 and he didn’t carry the physical burden of hitting on even a semi-regular basis.

Cockcroft’s current top-300 rankings for 2018 lists fellow right-handers Jake Arrieta, Gerrit Cole and Aaron Nola as top-20 caliber pitchers, and each is a more proven, statistical commodity, and two of them and perhaps three -- Arrieta is a free agent, as of Monday -- pitch in the National League. Moving further down the rankings Kyle Hendricks, Jose Berrios and countryman Masahiro Tanaka are top-30 options. I agree with Cockcroft that Ohtani belongs in this class of fantasy assets based on the strikeout upside, and I’m more willing than perhaps ever to take chances on starting pitchers likely to fall short of even 175 innings, but obvious question marks remain.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia claims Ohtani will earn every chance to contribute at the plate and perhaps that’s even possible, but this is hardly a manager known as an out-of-the-box thinker. Ohtani would need to serve as the team’s designated hitter, which pushes statue-like Albert Pujols to first base. Perhaps Scioscia doesn’t think such a move will harm the defense. Perhaps he also couldn’t give a hoot about analytics and how they’re helpful. Ohtani might out-hit Pujols -- not a high bar there -- but it’s unlikely he gets the chance on a regular basis. And as Keith Law noted, Ohtani is far from a guarantee at the plate.

It’s exciting that Ohtani went against conventional wisdom in not only rushing to the major leagues -- and costing himself literally millions of dollars in the eager process -- and in choosing the organization that he did, but reaching up to the fifth or sixth round for a pitcher that only might stay healthy and seems unlikely to provide hitting value seems silly to me. Yes, Ohtani is the new prize for fantasy managers to dream about and there’s always going to be someone in a league willing to pay up for the hotshot rookie that hasn’t failed yet in the major leagues. Ohtani could be great. He could throw an amazing 175 innings and hit like an All-Star, in theory.

I just find it dangerous to rely on theories when selecting options for fantasy teams. How many other hitters with little promise of regular at-bats are you targeting? How many starting pitchers that have yet to approach 170 innings are you targeting? And while ESPN hasn’t announced how such a player will or even can be handled for fantasy purposes, it’s kind of irrelevant for me. Let someone else pay too much in a draft or auction for a pitcher -- not a hitter -- that hasn’t earned a top-100 spot yet. Frankly, I can’t wait to see him pitch and hit, but the former remains far from guaranteed and the latter is, taking context of volume into account, mostly a dream at this point.
2648735, After a rough spring
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Apr-01-18 05:13 PM
He showed some filth today, aside from a bad second inning.

He’s gonna have ups and downs this season, but the potential isbthere
2648746, I was there for two of the four games
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Apr-01-18 07:55 PM
Hitting-wise, I can only speak for game one. After hitting the first pitch he saw, and looked pretty lost the rest of the game.

As far today, he looked nasty in the first, but very rough in the second. But hey, he didn't allow a hit afterwards, and made some hitters look very bad while striking out.

I agree he'll be up and down. I doubt he'll end up in the minor league, but I'm sure if it will all be smooth sailing this year.
2648809, his splitter is nasty
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Mon Apr-02-18 01:26 PM
and he was throwing easy gas, fastball velocity averaged 97.8 mph and he hit 99 several times + touched 100 on one. he's got legit ace stuff.
2649150, 3 run blast in his first at bat at home
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Apr-03-18 10:06 PM
This looked fun

2649326, Damn ...hit another one off Kluber
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Wed Apr-04-18 08:48 PM
2649327, you don't want to get too excited, but it's hard not to
Posted by Nodima, Wed Apr-04-18 09:08 PM
Granted, dude smartly points back to his own piece from a week ago worrying over whether Ohtani could cut it at all. But he also titled this piece "it's impossible to overreact" to this situation despite the fact nobody was running wild with speculation over Bumgarner hitting two in a single game on opening day last year.

I tuned into this game specifically for his second plate appearance and loved witnessing that home run, so I'm definitely all in on the Ohtani experience, but I hope every achievement of his doesn't result in some blustery, kinda pointless article about it. I hope every failure doesn't, either.

(I know both will.)

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2649384, See what happens after they get a good look at him
Posted by The Real, Thu Apr-05-18 10:58 AM
Trust me, it doesn't take long for them to get a book on you. By week three (if not sooner these days); teams will find the holes in your swing or tendencies. Some players can adjust, some cannot. We will see what type of player he is.

2649666, nvm. get hype. Shohei Electronica out here
Posted by Nodima, Sat Apr-07-18 03:13 AM

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2649668, I’m reminded of Puigs start
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sat Apr-07-18 08:25 AM
But this is a pitcher making a pitcher so shook he walked him on 4 pitches with bases loaded LMAO.

He can’t keep it up. He won’t keepnit up.

But man that swing is also a thing of beauty. Looks so effortless.
2649967, Just saw this post and his 3 homers
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Apr-09-18 02:50 PM
Can’t sleep on these Asians yo. They are hitting machines.

I love seeing a pitcher who can hit. I know they get big money to pitch but gotdamn, it’s baseball.. swing that bat like you want a hit.
2649724, Wish the Phillies took a shot at this guy
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Sat Apr-07-18 07:04 PM
Another pitcher and another bat? Man, that would be sweet.
2649816, perfect through four in his home opener-
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sun Apr-08-18 04:20 PM
hitting 100 on the gun w/ 7k....
2649817, through five-
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sun Apr-08-18 04:46 PM
2649819, through six-
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sun Apr-08-18 05:03 PM
2649820, prob done after 7.
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sun Apr-08-18 05:30 PM
1 hit - 1 bb - 12k.

maintained 99+ throughout.
2649821, RE: prob done after 7.
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Apr-08-18 06:02 PM
2649822, 12 Shuckey Duckeys and only one Quack Quack.
Posted by Castro, Sun Apr-08-18 06:02 PM
2649837, RE: 12 Shuckey Duckeys and only one Quack Quack.
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Apr-08-18 07:53 PM
damn i just watched all the strikeouts
2649856, RE: Otani Posting Watch
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sun Apr-08-18 09:17 PM
2649857, .
Posted by RobOne4, Sun Apr-08-18 09:29 PM
2649945, Shohei Hobbs
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Mon Apr-09-18 12:33 PM
2650525, Funny you should mention Hobbs...
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Fri Apr-13-18 08:41 AM
Good piece about tempering expectations, the likelihood of ups and downs, but just enjoying the moment as a fan


The joy of Ohtani, a sleeping giant and MLB's next big thing
By Bradford Doolittle

Instead of wondering about what might hold Shohei Ohtani back, we should all be marveling about the two-way ride unfolding in front of our eyes.

Imagine a world in which Roy Hobbs exists.

This is about inimitable rookie sensation Shohei Ohtani, but let me make my point using the fictional Hobbs, the protagonist of the great baseball movie "The Natural" (Yes, it was a book first. A great book by Bernard Malamud. But the movie works best for our purposes.) Spoiler alert: Let's pretend Hobbs did not get shot by Barbara Hershey and manages to reach the majors, out of nowhere, as a flame-throwing, power-hitting young man.

Given what we know about him -- the unprecedented arm on the mound, the unmatchable power at the plate -- we would have a fictional character doing something similar to what Ohtani is doing right now. Ohtani is not the Japanese Babe Ruth. He's the Japanese Roy Hobbs.

Does that little bit of hype annoy you? If it does, I kind of feel sorry for you.

What we remember about Hobbs is that he was nearly destroyed by the cynical work of those around him. As if driven by a mania induced by a primordial version of social media, sportswriter Max Mercy was fixated on finding out where Hobbs came from, what his flaws were and where his skeletons lie.

The problem was that while the cynical Mercy recognized the beauty of it all, he couldn't accept it at face value: No, this kind of unique greatness just does not happen, so there must be something else at work.

Mercy has to dig, spread doubt, amplify the negative and, ultimately, aid those who would corrupt Hobbs. All in search of that something else. Why? So he can prove he was right all along.

When it comes to Ohtani, let's not be Max Mercy.

The range of outcomes for Ohtani remains vast. That's true of all young players, but it's more true for him because only a handful of players have ever possessed his diversity of gifts. Yet, he has faced only one team as a pitcher. He has less than a week's worth of plate appearances. We've seen the gifts on display -- the searing fastball, the diving splitter and the explosion off the bat when he barrels up a pitch. But what he has done so far has to replicated (or at least approached) many times over the span of many, many games before we can say he's the real thing.

Much could go wrong. Ohtani could get hurt, as he was last season in Japan. Teams could learn to lay off his splitter and focus on jumping on his slider. At the plate, he may struggle once a book on how to pitch him is established. Supertalented players have failed at this game before. It's the nature of the endeavor, and it remains far too early to draw any firm conclusions about Ohtani.

Still, there is an aspect to the coverage of Ohtani that is hard to fathom. Ever since he signed with the Los Angeles Angels over the winter, it feels like there has been as much written and said about what he can't, shouldn't and might not be able to do as about his fantastical possibilities. He has been scrutinized like few rookies in recent memory, for good reason. Nevertheless, Ohtani has risen above it all so far.

No matter what happens from here, Ohtani has already done things we have never seen. Even Babe Ruth never had an eight-day stretch when he won two games as a starter and hit three home runs at the plate. Ohtani accomplished that within the first 10 games of his career. He has struck out 18 batters, walked two and leads the majors with a 0.462 WHIP. The WHIP figure ranks fourth all time among players with at least 13 innings pitched. At the plate, he has an OPS+ of 236. No one with a minimum of Ohtani's 29 plate appearances has a better career mark. No one! Chew on that combination of numbers for a minute.

Sure, this can be true only because Ohtani is at the very beginning of his journey, but that's kind of the point. Let's not harp on that fact that this level of production almost certainly won't last. Let's not overscrutinize what might emerge as flaws in his skill set. Let's not worry about whether a big league player in the 21st century can withstand the rigors of pulling double duty for a full season. Can't we just enjoy it while it lasts?

Roy Hobbs was not a real person. But as long as Ohtani is doing what he's doing, let's pretend The Natural has finally come to life.

2650348, Even Otani no match for the GOATGOD
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Apr-12-18 06:58 AM
2650350, Back in the lineup as a hitter last night
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Apr-12-18 07:01 AM
Leads of Angels scoring with a 2 out RBI single.

ends up 1-3 with a BB
2650462, Wants to play more:
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Apr-12-18 02:45 PM

I actually like the every Sunday pitching routine for the foreseeable future. Maybe Id ramp him up a bit more to get ready for pitching in the playoffs...but I guess by then you can also argue you wouldnt want to burn him out for playoffs. If the Angels continue to playt well, no real reason to up his workload

As long as he's hitting this way, id hit him more...vs lefties, maybe just rest him days before starts.

They said he needed as much exposure as possible because his hitting was behind his pitching.

2650501, RE: Otani Posting Watch
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Apr-12-18 09:41 PM
2650751, Starting in 38 degree Kc today.
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Apr-15-18 02:49 PM
Playing same time as Bron, GOAT of another sport
2650752, PPD'd
Posted by Call It Anything, Sun Apr-15-18 02:49 PM
He'll throw Tuesday in California in less awful conditions
2650760, Should be fun, vs the Red Sox
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Apr-15-18 03:40 PM
Wonder what means for the Giants next Sunday or if it pushes him to a matchup with the Astros
2650762, Can't wait to see this guy in person
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Apr-15-18 03:48 PM
2650765, RE: Can't wait to see this guy in person
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Apr-15-18 04:18 PM
Where will you get a chance?
2651112, Ohtani vs Price the two best teams to start the season in the AL
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Apr-17-18 07:30 PM
shpuld be fun

Ill try and stay up and watch a few innings
2651123, Rough 1st he struggled with control
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Apr-17-18 09:27 PM
And mookie led off the game with a HR after a 7 pitch AB

I think he threw 30 pitches that first inning. Lucky to get out with 1 rub
2651198, Only got 2 innings today
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Wed Apr-18-18 10:18 AM
In terms of score it couldve been a lot worse than 3 runs.

His velocity was there but he had so little control. Lots of balls in the dirt or just way out of the zone. He had a couple nice pitches, but I hardly saw the splitter yesterday.

In 2 innings he through 69 pitches. Got to full count like 6 times. Interested to see if he'll be in the lineup Sunday.
2651205, GOAThani got shelled...which is fine bcz hes hitting 2 Hr next game
Posted by houston_hardhead, Wed Apr-18-18 11:07 AM
2652674, No decision outing vs the Stros last night
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Wed Apr-25-18 10:43 AM
He dint pitch super well, but wouldbe gotten the win if the Angels held on.

He threw 2 101 mph pitches which puts him on a short list of guys that have done it in recent decades (in the same game).

The blister didnt seem to be bothering him as much, but the splitter still wasnt hitting its spot.

When he just has to rely on that FB, as good as it is....guys can take it for a ride when the connect.

I mean this shit right here...

2653304, Severino? Check
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Fri Apr-27-18 09:47 PM
2656511, damn, im still the only one on this board
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Mon May-14-18 01:44 PM
talking about the kid?

2656529, Those first three innings were disgusting
Posted by Marauder21, Mon May-14-18 02:14 PM
Just K'ing everybody, was relieved when the Twins were able to get one.
2657679, 4-1
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun May-20-18 09:07 PM
More nastiness today

2659902, Stupid rain started falling just as Ohtani was really getting hot
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Wed May-30-18 09:06 PM
2659948, right before the rain he threw this 101.1 MPH fastball
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu May-31-18 10:20 AM
fastest pitch by a starter this year

Posted by Marauder21, Fri Jun-08-18 02:15 PM

Shohei Ohtani will be placed on the disabled list with a grade 2 sprain of the UCL. He underwent a PRP and Stem Cell injection yesterday with Dr. Steve Yoon in Los Angeles. He will be re-evaluated in 3 weeks and we will update his plan of care at that time.
2662120, TJ seems inevitable.
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jun-08-18 06:12 PM
that really sucks
2662124, yea i wonder what happened for both
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Fri Jun-08-18 07:21 PM
I know the UCL has been an ongoing issue-- but is it weird that it flared up after a week off. Were they not monitoring and if so, why didnt they just move his start?

but how did he have a whole week off, go through bullpen sessions and then have the blister develop that quick in that game?

2667889, he's back we're back
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Jul-10-18 06:18 PM
2699001, 1st Japanese player to hit for the cycle
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Thu Jun-13-19 09:26 PM
2700630, Swing from the gods.
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sun Jun-30-19 07:26 PM
Invite the man to the derby
2736099, I guess I can also post here so I don’t spam the baseball one lol
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Apr-27-21 08:33 AM
Mods can I get that edit on his name in the original al post though, lol
2736109, Good short piece on his developing Swag
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Apr-27-21 10:57 AM

APRIL 27, 2021 7:57 AM PT

Years ago, when I visited Shohei Ohtani’s high school alma mater in the northern part of the Japanese mainland, baseball coach Hiroshi Sasaki mentioned that he instructs his pitchers to swim as part of their workouts.

Ohtani was a particularly fast swimmer, Sasaki told me.

How fast?

“The swimming coach here said he could have made the Olympics,” Sasaki said.

I laughed politely.

I didn’t include the quote in the 2,800-plus word story I filed from Japan, but, in retrospect, I should have. Sasaki probably wasn’t kidding.

Ohtani really can do just about anything.

Bunt, even.

In a 9-4 win over the Texas Rangers on Monday night, Ohtani threw a baseball 99 mph and also hit one 114 mph. He was charged with four runs while battling command problems in a 29-pitch first inning, but blanked the Rangers over the following four to earn his first win in 1,072 days.

Offensively, he scored three runs and drove in two more on a second-inning double. And with the infield shifted to the right in the fifth inning, he bunted down the third-base line for one of his two hits.

“Pretty complete game of baseball,” Angels manager Joe Maddon said.

Asked if he knew whether Ohtani practiced bunting, Maddon replied, “I have no idea.”

So, evidently, his ability to do so properly was also news to his manager.

But the people watching Ohtani aren’t the only ones learning about the once-in-a-century talent, who became the first pitcher to start a game while at least sharing the league lead in home runs since Babe Ruth in 1921.

Ohtani is also making discoveries about himself, about the extent of his gifts.

“Until now, to some degree, it was decided I would rest on days before I pitched,” Ohtani said. “So it’s the first time it’s been like this.”

Maddon has gone against the conventional wisdom of the time, which is to handle talented players as if they’re made of glass, and removed the usage restrictions designed to keep Ohtani healthy.

“Well, he came here for a reason,” Maddon said. “He was signed to do two things, as far as I can remember. So why would you go out, recruit the guy, bring him in for a specific purpose, and not permit him to try to do that? That makes no sense to me.”

In the short-term, at least, the approach has benefitted Ohtani. He has gained confidence in his durability to where he’s telling Maddon not only that he can hit on days he pitches, as he did Monday, but also the days before and after. Ohtani played in left field over the weekend, which he volunteered to do because the Angels’ bench was depleted.

He’s basically now an everyday player who pitches every six or seven days.

Rather than diminish his production, the increased workload has enhanced it. His seven homers are tied for the most in the American League. He’s tied for fifth in the entire majors in runs and sixth in runs batted in.

His personality has emerged in the process. He pointed in the air after his last home run. He’s stared down an opposing pitcher who struck him with a pitch.

When he was in the middle of everything Monday, it was almost expected.

“Why would you go out, recruit the guy, bring him in for a specific purpose, and not permit him to try to do that? That makes no sense to me.”

“I had to put the hold sign on,” Maddon said. “He wanted to steal, too.”

Ohtani has batted in two of the three games he has pitched, each time marking a significant gamble on Maddon’s part. Once a pitcher bats, his team forfeits the designated hitter. The rule adds to Ohtani’s sense of responsibility to remain in the game as long as possible.

“There is pressure, of course,” Ohtani said.

But Ohtani responded to that. He found his control after the rocky first inning and was never threatened again. He finished with nine strikeouts.

This isn’t the first time Ohtani has taken on extra responsibilities and thrived.

When he was a senior at Hanamaki Higashi High School, Japanese professional teams wanted him as a hitter. Major league teams viewed him as a pitcher.

As the 18-year-old Ohtani deliberated his future, the Nippon Professional Baseball team that won his draft rights offered him an alternative: to be a two-way player.

This is important to note, how the idea of Ohtani playing both ways was the Nippon-Ham Fighters’ and not Ohtani’s, just as how the idea to remove the imaginary bubble wrap from Ohtani was Maddon’s and not Ohtani’s.

And similar to how he surprised the Fighters back then, he’s surprising the Angels now. The guess here is that he’s also surprising himself.

Such is the enormity of his tale.
2736133, He's in the lineup tonight
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Apr-27-21 03:39 PM
he was questionable with the blister that developed, but hes batting 2nd tonight
2736403, Slow week for the SHO after Monday and Tuesday
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Mon May-03-21 09:36 AM
I feel like he ws 1-13 or something the rest of the week -- with one of those hits being HR #8.

Actually just looked it up. Last week he was 4-22 with 1 HR

Yesterday he did get HBP and stole two consecutive bases. He is tied for 5th in the MLB for stolen bases with 6 (also leads the Angels)

He may not pitch tonight because of that HBP to his elbow.
2736751, Ohtani’ pace. This has to be an auto MVP no?
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Sat May-08-21 11:29 AM
119 run
130 RBIs
38 doubles
11 triples
54 Hrs
32 Sb

.273/.322/.645/.967. 165 OPs+

2.41 ERA
1.39 WHIP
103 BB
162 K
113/.333/.161/.495 against 181 ERAs+

Pace is a funny thing. Lots of stuff has to happen here to hit these numbers including staying healthy, but a lot of people would probably say he’s not even playing his best baseball yet on either side of the ball.

If he was anywhere near these could you deny him an MVP even if the angels keep sucking? It’d be such a historic season.
2737283, The hitting pace has dipped but the pitching pace has gone up
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Mon May-17-21 02:39 PM
>119 run
>130 RBIs
>38 doubles
>11 triples
>54 Hrs
>32 Sb
>.273/.322/.645/.967. 165 OPs+
>2.41 ERA
>1.39 WHIP
>103 BB
>162 K
>113/.333/.161/.495 against 181 ERAs+
>Pace is a funny thing. Lots of stuff has to happen here to hit
>these numbers including staying healthy, but a lot of people
>would probably say he’s not even playing his best baseball
>yet on either side of the ball.
>If he was anywhere near these could you deny him an MVP even
>if the angels keep sucking? It’d be such a historic season.
2737294, lol
Posted by Nodima, Mon May-17-21 05:01 PM
Ohtani's out here playing Road to the Show this year

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2737328, RE: lol
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Tue May-18-21 07:59 AM
MLB the Sho