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Topic subjectcfb opening weekend is always pretty special
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2619329, cfb opening weekend is always pretty special
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Aug-04-17 09:05 AM
4 consecutive days worth of legit matchups. labor day cookouts and parties? NOPE!

>wonder how Western Michigan will do in south central

uhh, they'll lose but probably not by quite as much as they should. both sc and stan have exhibition games before they face off in week 2.

>Michigan Florida in Jerryworld for a bowl game rematch from a
>few years ago. Looking forward to this a lot

looking forward to it as well but take away the names on the helmets and the overrated attention whore on mich's sidelines and this is probably a total snooze fest. a fg wins this one.

>Looking forward to seeing the temple they built for Julio
>Jones. How good will Bama be without the legendary services of

maybe they'll just hand the fucking ball to their rb this year?