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Topic subjectThis one is on Tomlin and Butler
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2592360, This one is on Tomlin and Butler
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Jan-27-17 12:13 PM
The Defensive scheme for that game was disgusting. Why the fuck we keep dropping LBs into coverage vs te Pats? It doesn't work. Stop trying that shit.

Fuck Ben for calling out the young players. Remember Ben in his first playoff game? Trash. We needed 2 shanked FGs to win that game vs the Jets. Ben had 2TDs but one was an 86 yard pick 6.

How about Ben play better on the road? He played well vs the Pats and there was some horrible drops but how many times have we seen Ben go for a low percentage bomb on 3rd and short instead of moving the chains?

Ben is his 13th year and can't call a QB sneak on 1st and GL?

I appreciate what Ben has done for this team but the guy is trash on the road lately. Worst road splits out of all the good QB's and the guy is trash in the RZ.

As much as fans love Ben I think they will be surprised by how good this team is without him because dude doesn't have that fire like he used to have. I think getting married and having kids has changed him. He needs a hall pass before big games because this offense is pedestrian for too often given the weapons we have. Fuck Haley too and his sub packages. Fucking up the flow on O.