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Topic subjectVOLS, BITCH
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2591879, VOLS, BITCH
Posted by will_5198, Wed Jan-25-17 01:35 AM
fuck Kentucky.

I was neutral on the Rick Barnes hire, but he's been coaching his ass off this season. resurrected former five-star Robert Hubbs III, overcame the in-season dismissal of their 2nd best scorer, and has the freshman playing better every night. Vols have *no* size and are still staying competitive with pure tenacity.

Tennessee is inconsistent because they're young, but you can see the improvement and what's possible if they can put it all together.
2591923, Had a bad feeling it was going to end like the UNC game
Posted by Frank Mackey, Wed Jan-25-17 10:32 AM
Just wouldn't be able to hold on at the end, but they did it.

Probably won't happen, but potential bubble team at this point.
SOS is 5.
2591934, blowing the Ole Miss and Arkansas games killed them
Posted by will_5198, Wed Jan-25-17 11:05 AM
>Probably won't happen, but potential bubble team at this
>SOS is 5.

also not stealing a win against either Oregon or UNC. but I love watching them play, which is something I haven't been able to say for years now.
2591930, I saw them go up 7 late on a dunk.
Posted by LegacyNS, Wed Jan-25-17 10:46 AM
I was like yep.. they're gonna pull this off..
<---- 5....

2592000, They played a solid game. They're 11-9 though.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Jan-25-17 04:02 PM
2592017, they've played a top five schedule
Posted by will_5198, Wed Jan-25-17 05:51 PM
with a team predicted to finish 13th in the SEC. and they've been competitive in all but maybe two of those games.

Barnes could've wimped out and record-padded, but they don't beat Kentucky without the experience against Wisconsin, Oregon, UNC and Gonzaga. and they'll be better next year because of this season's lumps.

Cal gotta fix that defense tho. they looked horrible on that side of the ball.
2592030, I didn't have a problem with the defense.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Jan-25-17 07:56 PM
The turnovers and offensive glass got me heated.
2592004, It's literally all underclassmen... and Hubbs.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-25-17 04:22 PM
Did a segment on them on the newest show. Nothing you wouldn't know already, but yeah. They could very well be Top 3 in the SEC next season, and they should be tourney bound by next season.
2592018, Barnes reinvigorated coaching up these kids
Posted by will_5198, Wed Jan-25-17 05:59 PM
knowing he'll have them for a few years. can't wait to see what they can do in 2017-18.
2592537, dominated Kansas State today.
Posted by will_5198, Sat Jan-28-17 08:22 PM
great win in a letdown game against a top-50 RPI opponent.