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2592665, S Jamal Adams, LSU
Posted by will_5198, Sun Jan-29-17 10:51 PM
I wish I could get more excited about him than I am. He's long, athletic as hell and gets downhill in a hurry (like most of this safety class). Mostly used in the box this past season, and is excellent at fighting through bodies. Makes a ton of run stops from the backside and you better not throw a screen to his side because he might kill someone. Your tight end and receivers need some dog in them too, because he'll crack them in the mouth the first time they try blocking him.

In passing sets, he lined up over the slot/detached tight end and played off-man or shallow cover three zone depending on the route. He’s good enough coverage-wise; awkward happy feet notwithstanding, he reads receivers' hips well and breaks on that tell. Long arms to disrupt the short stuff and the speed to turn and run deep.

All that said, I don't see him being able to step in as a huge playmaker. His hard reads in coverage means he's double-move susceptible, and that was exploited a lot this season. He's going to miss tackles in the NFL because he comes in out of control too much. His best plays are in pursuit near the line of scrimmage (he chased down Lamar Jackson from the opposite hash) and he can hold the fort in coverage, but I don't see a top ten pick -- just a solid addition to teams that need a box safety.