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2590700, DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
Posted by will_5198, Fri Jan-20-17 03:13 AM
He's been hyped as the number one overall pick for several years now, and while he's an excellent prospect, he's not on the level as Joey Bosa or Jadeveon Clowney were coming out college.

Bosa was plug-and-play at either end position or rush linebacker. Clowney was more explosive with the same frame. And if he's going to a team that wants his hand off the ground, he's not going to be Khalil Mack or Von Miller. Garrett is a natural right defensive end, and he'll have to grow into his game in the NFL because he has some things to polish.

I'm not even judging him on this past season, because you could tell his explosion was gone while playing through an ankle injury. If anything I give him credit, since he could have easily shut it down with A&M going nowhere and April looming.

But going back to his sophomore year, you can see why he's coveted. He gets most of his pressure with a speed rush and club/rip; that's where he shows the must-have ability to dip the shoulder and keep rushing. Once he has that going, he'll use an inside counter, which is basically a fake step outside and hard slant. Very occasionally he drops in a developing spin move. His jump is good, but gets really good when he knows it's a passing down.

He does get reliant on that outside move, though. He has to build a bigger arsenal and also work on his punch -- he drops his hands for stretches of time and just tries to out-athlete linemen. Laremy Tunsil controlled him pretty well in their match-up two years ago when Garrett kept giving the same look. Better gap discipline too, but that really only hurts him in the run game when he tries to force the action.

Flaws aside, he does make some crazy plays. When UCLA was threatening at the goal-line in OT, he had an incredible, textbook rush and forced a bad throw by Rosen on third down. He saved a touchdown against Tennessee by rushing from the tackle spot and forcing a fumble. Against Alabama (2015) he nearly had a one-handed interception off a screen. In the Ole Miss game, he did intercept a screen. And he will fuck up your entire zone blocking front when you try and reach block him on runs.

So anybody that can do all that, while getting doubled and even triple-teamed in most big games, is pretty good. He seems like he's committed to improving, which is what he'll need to turn his pressures into sacks against NFL linemen. He's just not the generational talent that some have suggested.