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Topic subjectI had my friend who's a college head help me:
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2590337, I had my friend who's a college head help me:
Posted by smutsboy, Wed Jan-18-17 01:07 PM
I made a list of 18 or so QBs who were drafted around 2000 or after

A majority played in "pro" offenses. Though the data is weighted because other styles of offense are a lot more prevalent now than they were 15 or even 10 years ago.

I compiled this list quickly so it's hardly rigorous. I left out young guys like Dak. But 10 of the 15 were in pro offenses (plus whatever Romo & Flacco are)

Aaron Rodgers pro WC
Russell Wilson pro
Rapestburger spread pass
Matt Ryan pro
Eli Manning pro
Tom Brady pro
Matt Stafford pro
Drew Brees spread pass
Philip Rivers spread pass
Andrew Luck pro
Carson Palmer pro
Tony Romo ??
Peyton Manning pro
Cam Newton spread optionĀ 
Donovan McNabb option
Matt Hasselbeck pro
Joe Flacco ??