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2590247, RE: QB Mitch Trubisky, UNC
Posted by Flash80, Tue Jan-17-17 08:09 PM
>His vertical passing game is shaky, though. Maybe it's a
>mechanics issue, but his deep passes are either accurate and
>way late (his guy open by five yards has to come to a standing
>stop) or on time and inaccurate. For every good 40-yard-plus
>throw he made, there were four terrible ones before and after.

this is what bothered me watching him in the sun bowl, since the 49ers are probably going to go QB, assuming shanahan takes the job. tribusky looked mad inconsistent, had the big pick-six, and a took a couple of back-breaking sacks.

re: kizer... didn't watch him much, but the idea of drafting a notre dame QB invariably scares me.