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2590133, QB Mitch Trubisky, UNC
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-17-17 01:31 PM
I wanted to flat-out hate, but he does enough good things that I can’t write him off completely. When he's going well he's a powered up Alex Smith -- he can hit all those intermediate seams and tight windows, while being really good at the scramble drill. His offense was heavy on RPO, but he still got to his second read more often than Watson or Kizer. Also showed NFL-quality safety manipulation with his eyes at times.

His vertical passing game is shaky, though. Maybe it's a mechanics issue, but his deep passes are either accurate and way late (his guy open by five yards has to come to a standing stop) or on time and inaccurate. For every good 40-yard-plus throw he made, there were four terrible ones before and after.

Also, the one-year starting thing. UNC played about six defenses that could defend the pass this year, and his performances were mixed. Florida State, Miami and NC State -- he looked like a NFL quarterback. But he was bad against Georgia. Atrocious against Virginia Tech. Mediocre against Stanford.

He'd be the ideal prospect to take late first, early second, by a team that can Garoppolo him. Top five though? I don’t like anybody in this draft *that* much, and I'd be scared to put my franchise on his shoulders by reaching that hard.