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2590130, QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
Posted by will_5198, Tue Jan-17-17 01:28 PM
He's the best quarterback prospect in the draft. There's inconsistencies, but he's the only one this year that gets me excited watching him -- he has at least two or three "wow" plays a game.

Firstly, his arm talent is incredible. I watched him in freezing, 20 MPH winds against Virginia Tech and the ball was flying out of his hand. He can make throws that plenty of current NFL quarterbacks will never be able to. Not just deep stuff, but also lasers into mailbox-sized windows while three defenders are a step away.

He also did a little more pro-style stuff than any of the other top guys. He had free reign to audible. Shotgun offense, but he played with 11 personnel almost exclusively, and they ran routes that weren't just nine variations of a screen pass. He's incredible when he makes a pre-snap read and gets what he expects on his drop. You cannot be vanilla against him.

He's got a NFL body, too (actually was overweight this past season). He did a bit of zone-read, and could be a Cam Newton-weapon at the goal-line -- he can put his foot in the ground and make you look bad, but you have to attack him because he's 250.

Plenty of reasons he's not going first overall, though. Runs hot and cold, so once he gets in a rut he can sink you for an entire quarter. Every game he missed throws that'll give his future coach permanent Nick Young face; I'm talking wide-open hitch routes he'll spike into the dirt five feet away. Gets a little first read happy and pocket presence is merely acceptable. As a winner he doesn't have a lot of notches on his belt either, for whatever that's worth.

So there's worries. But if his head is on right and he puts in the work, I'd want to have him on my team. The talent is there to build around.