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Topic subjectKinda criminal the Apple Cup isn't at night tomorrow
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2578661, Kinda criminal the Apple Cup isn't at night tomorrow
Posted by HecticHavoc, Thu Nov-24-16 11:42 PM

That has such great potential for "Pac12 after dark" madness and its wasted on a Friday at 12:30, what a disaster.

A&M's collapse shouldn't be surprising but they still don't have Knight back right?

Friday has some shitty games besides the above mentioned, the Arizona ASU games are always defenseless affairs, but both of these offenses are so incapable of productivity it might even be defensive!

Shameful that Norte dame is such a travesty or this usc game would've had national implications.

Looking forward to seeing Vandy beat Tennessee again.

Wouldn't mind seeing Florida win to get some confidence going into the slaughter awaiting them in Atlanta.

Our only hope as fans is that The Game they call it up there is worth watching otherwise we are stuck with a rather boring weekend.

Actually I take that back, I'm really excited for the all the marbles pac12 south battle between Colorado and Utah. Doesn't usc win the south if Colorado wins?

Does auburn lose within 30?