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Topic subjectCFB 11.26: Rivalry Week
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2578660, CFB 11.26: Rivalry Week
Posted by will_5198, Thu Nov-24-16 11:12 PM
LSU 54, Texas A&M 33
remember when Sumlin and A&M said they weren't going to start fast and flop again? just got kicked in the face at home by a lame duck coach. Etling passed for 300 yards for the first time in three years and Grice set the LSU rushing record (285 yards). that's four straight conference losses for the Aggies, who haven't finished in the top three of the SEC West since Manziel's freshman year.

(5) Washington @ (23) Washington State
(16) Nebraska @ Iowa
(19) Boise State @ Air Force
(20) Houston @ Memphis
(21) Western Michigan vs. Toledo

Texas vs. TCU
UNC vs. NC State
Arizona vs. Arizona State

(1) Alabama vs. (13) Auburn
(2) Ohio State vs. (3) Michigan
(4) Clemson vs. South Carolina
(6) Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
(7) Penn State vs. Michigan State
(9) Colorado vs. (22) Utah
(11) Louisville vs. Kentucky
(12) USC vs. Notre Dame
(14) Florida State vs. (15) Florida
(17) Tennessee @ Vanderbilt

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State
Wyoming @ New Mexico
Oregon State vs. Oregon
Virginia Tech vs. Virginia