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Topic subjectHe'll have hot shooting games until he's 50.
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2560430, He'll have hot shooting games until he's 50.
Posted by thebadnegro, Thu Aug-18-16 02:12 AM
it's the other aspects of his game that suck.. compared to what they used to be. his d was always suspect, but he also seems to be making more shitty decisions than ever, with the ball and on d.

a good finisher, but not elite any more.
used to be an elite slasher/driver. now would rather settle for a 1 or 2 dribble turn around fade, or cross somebody up and finish with a 13 ft fade away off 1 foot.

used to be one of the biggest threats ever in the open court. now... shaky.

idk if its his feet or his ankles or his knees, but he aint right.