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2560202, Well...
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Aug-17-16 12:58 AM
... while I'm sure you're not an idiot, I'm also fairly confident that if it were as simple as "feed the ball, shots open up, boom," then the combined minds of K, Boeheim, and Thibodeau would have considered it and given it a go at least once.

I always just assume when it comes to coaching with a reputation for winning that they're seeing things in practices and scouting reports that I don't. Lord knows I question K (and many other winning coaches) several times a year for not playing X or using defensive scheme Y or giving the ball too often to Z... but what the fuck do I know? Maybe I'm right and they're fucking up, or maybe, in their countless additional hours with the game and the players, they're seeing something that I don't and trying what they're trying for a reason, and whether that reason pays off or not is up in the air any given night.

As said elsewhere, I'm more convinced that it's an effort/ego issue than a game-planning issue. If a couple of the players played a little better defense or moved the ball a little better-- they don't even need huge changes in effort! just little ones!-- then USA is winning double digits every game and none of this ever comes up.