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Topic subjectLol you groupie.
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2560197, Lol you groupie.
Posted by thebadnegro, Wed Aug-17-16 12:05 AM
we can start with the first play of the game. only took about 12 seconds for this nigga to expose himself:


just look at that shit. what a bullshit recovery. he runin out there all off balance like he got titties. takes the worst possible angles. chasin behind him like a little kid at the playground lol.

u probably never played no real ball in your life, but you're supposed to stutter step out to the wing on your help recovery when u get close to the shooter/driver, not over-comitt and come out all out of control with your weight leaned all over your front foot.
FUNDAMENTALS. Kyrie has practiced that shit every year since high school. drill after drill. they even make the big men do that shit.

this nigga tryin to make Steve Nash look like GP.

much more exposure to come.