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Topic subjectThere's enough talent, size and skill on that roster to dominate
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2560191, There's enough talent, size and skill on that roster to dominate
Posted by thebadnegro, Tue Aug-16-16 11:18 PM
they are thin at the pg spot and the 4, but that shouldn't matter with all the talent they got. now that said, i.m.o. KD is far from 2012 form- physically and mentally- so that's a huge dent in the talent equation, but STILL the roster is filled with NBA all stars, and there's almost no one at or near that level on these other rosters, save maybe the Gasols and maybe 1 or 2 others who i'm not thinking of. the other r.o.w. former all-stars are ol as dirt.

back to Coach K.

now i'm not a genius or nothin, but when a coach is struggling to get a few NBA All-Stars to change their NBA roles for international play... and especially when they are struggling to find any rhythm in their halfcourt offense- which is most of the time- ... then the logical thing to do is implement a game plan that focuses on GETTING THE DAMN BALL INSIDE TO YOUR FUTURE HALL OF FAME BIG MAN, AND PLAY INSIDE OUT, which would naturally open up the perimeter shooters and create more driving lanes from scrambling defenders.

...but i guess that's too much for the best coaches in the world to figure out. or maybe since they are the best coaches in the world, i'm just a fucking idiot for suggesting they do something different when running an offense that almost totally neglects passing inside has failed them for 3 games straight :/