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Topic subjectTo be fair, re: 2014:
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2560157, To be fair, re: 2014:
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Aug-16-16 05:55 PM
Coach thought Marshall would be ready, and he wasn't-- at all. Which left the team with *zero* interior presence, which is what led to Jabari playing so much on the inside. On top of that, Jabari and Rodney were both *awful* defenders-- among the worst defenders at Duke over the last two decades. I attribute some of Jabari's terrible D to playing out of position... but yeah. We had major roster issues there.

His main problem this year is roster-related too. But I don't think struggling to get a few NBA All-Stars to change their NBA roles for international play is indicative of dementia. Just a guess-- I'm not a doctor.