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Topic subjectRE: George, Durant, Butler, Cousins Lead Team USA In PER
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2560142, RE: George, Durant, Butler, Cousins Lead Team USA In PER
Posted by thebadnegro, Tue Aug-16-16 03:55 PM
question: do those PER stats take into account-- how many times u lose your man on a backcut and give up layups? how many defensive rotations u miss that lead to an easy basket for the opponent? how many time the man ur guarding blows by u and get a bucket or assist? how many blockouts u miss that lead to offensive rebounds for the other team?

if not then those stats don't mean much of anything beyond what i can get from a box score.

some assessments u can only make from actually watching with an educated basketball mind and see where players excel or are fucking up. even without stats, it's a very practical assessment, as you can still easily point these things out on video.