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Topic subjectBasa, this is transparent and corny. But I'll continue to pile on.
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2560122, Basa, this is transparent and corny. But I'll continue to pile on.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Aug-16-16 01:31 PM

Because it's fun.

1) I mean, you just openly tried to clown a scoring title.
The "Play to Seed" thing came when you saw that scoring title
coming, realized the Pacers (who gave the champion Heat hell)
were the far better team, would beat the Knicks. Your only
glue was that Iverson fans were still mad at Melo, which
they are not now (which is why Bshelly and ConcreteCharlie
aren't playing along now...they are over it and don't care

2) That Carmelo has been a fabulous FIBA player was an argument
made BY COACH K FIRST. It is the anatomy of his "Jabari = Carmelo"
argument....that you IGNORED (Paul Pierce...LMAO...No, nigga).
K LOVES Carmelo's game, leadership and...*gulp* WORK ETHIC. He
proclaimed him an unofficial tri-captain BACK IN 2008! LMAO!!!

3) Carmelo's greatness is now about how he does it BOTH ON AND
OFF the court. He's a Afro-latino leader of many communities, and
will be the winningest FIBA athlete ever! AND he knows how to speak
like an adult and talk about race, such that me and you don't HAVE
TO COP PLEAS for him sounding like a post-racial idiot (me and you
agree on Cam, but we are ultimately copping pleas for him being

So carry on.