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Topic subjectJust finished watching the last 3 games. Fucking disgraceful.
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2559972, Just finished watching the last 3 games. Fucking disgraceful.
Posted by thebadnegro, Mon Aug-15-16 03:14 PM
I must be old foreal now, cuz some of these cats have no respect for the game, ESPECIALLY Kyrie and KD. you'd never think that 5 year NBA vets, much less elite all-stars, could be caught out of position or flat out asleep on defense so many times. offensively i'm sure the stats make KD look great when u include the first 2 non-competitive games. other than that, he shitty, with shitty decision making ability.

i see why KD went to GS now. he's faded and he knows it. i suspected it when i watched him in the playoffs settling for all those turn around- fade away jumpers off 1 or 2 dribbles, and now it seems clear. he doesn't go to the hole nearly as much as he used to, nor is he nearly as effective and explosive in the open court. the injuries and his fear of future injuries have fucked KD's game up, mentally and physically.

i already went in on Kyrie in that other bullshit Ky/Klay post.

Draymond sucks outside of that GS system. his lack of athleticism, an inconsistent J, lack of scoring ability and lack of post game are all being exposed. he does not belong on this team.

Kyle Lowry does NOT belong on this team.

Cousins' struggles are mostly due to Coach K. he's never been a rim protector, but maybe someone should remind Coach K and the rest of team USA that Cousins averaged 27 pts per game last season. you'd think since there are NO elite playmakers on this team and no chemistry in the half court offense, it might be a good idea to GIVE HIM THE FUCKING BALL IN THE POST and let him get off.. which may- brace yourself for this high science- which may force opponents to double team him or at least draw the defense in, and open things up on the perimeter.

another suggestion for the all time great coach who happens to have his head up his ass right now-- it might not be the wisest move in the world for the defensive guards to go over the top of ball screens set 10 feet behind the fucking 3pt line. ...and maybe when little annoying, effective guards like Holbert (or whatever the fuck the French dude's name was) are carving your defense up... maybe you should double team the little fuckers when they come off ball screens (the ones set *within* 25 ft of the basket) and at least see if they can handle that type of pressure.

i am embarrassed for American basketball right now, and just as much for American basketball coaching.