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Topic subjectRE: so has melo's and his shooting been trash outside one game
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2559938, RE: so has melo's and his shooting been trash outside one game
Posted by DJR, Mon Aug-15-16 01:10 PM
>kyrie consistent. you can depend on him to show ALL THE TIME.

You can depend on him to get buckets, struggle on D, and for the offense to often lack flow and the right guys not getting the ball when and where they should get if he's the one running it.......consistently. If we had CP3 and could move Kyrie to the 2, we'd be all set.

>melo always been a fake superstar. and he actin like it now.

By scoring more big crunch time buckets than anyone on the team by far(to be fair, Kyrie is second) so far?
>ky gon show when the time comes. will melo?

He has been. They lose to Australia without him......and possibly to Serbia without his 4 straight points late when the offense was badly sputtering..and then he didn't touch the ball the last two scoreless possessions that kept Serbia alive.....point guard's fault.

He cut off several France runs with big threes too.