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Topic subjectI haven't watched 1 minute of the team play...BUT
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2559918, I haven't watched 1 minute of the team play...BUT
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Mon Aug-15-16 11:59 AM
knowing International hoops and this team, it's not a great fit for Demarcus to shine.

Post players rarely shine. Especially post players that need touches.

He's not athletic so he's not gonna finish oops. He doesn't block shots.

And he gets frustrated with foul calls. And the international game is physical and he might not get calls.

He's probably not moving his feet well on defense after getting in foul trouble or being frustrated. And out doubt this team talks a lot on defense.

His contribution should solely be rebounding and put backs. Then run the floor. Maybe get a 2 post looks a game. No way is gonna get featured in International Hoops with this bunch of players.