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Topic subjectbringing YOU in? HOW? nah, REALLY...explain, bruh
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2559906, bringing YOU in? HOW? nah, REALLY...explain, bruh
Posted by Basaglia, Mon Aug-15-16 10:57 AM
i was MINDING MY BUSINESS. melo gets 30 and all hell broke loose.

you know why? because melo fans know he a loser and he ain't winning anything...so they took the time to cyse his lil game and throw darts at KD, Ky, K and THE WHOLE TEAM.

now, i'm firing back.

i'm tryna figure what any of this got to do with you, bro.

this is all happening because melo had 31. we all know it.

and K voted for Obama...TWICE. people don't always vote their affiliation. my mother, registered Dem, voted for reagan TWICE. but, you can't help what you've allowed yourself to believe.