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Topic subjectTroll Talk with Basa. This Episode: USA Men's Basketball
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2559829, Troll Talk with Basa. This Episode: USA Men's Basketball
Posted by Basaglia, Mon Aug-15-16 08:09 AM

I only see 3 players who at and above their talent level and reputations. Kyrie, KD and PG. The rest of these dudes been terrible.

KD shooting 60 from the field and 60 behind the line. Leading the team in scoring. 2:1 dimes to TOs ratio. leading in blocks and tied for steals. Nah...ain't nothing else to be said. He doing his part.

Kyrie shooting 50 from the field and 47 from three. 5:1 ratio. leading in dimes. Third leading scorer.

PG shooting 48 and 37. 4th leading scorer. Best defender so far.

So who needs to step up?

The ONE GAME WONDER. Incredibly inconsistent. Lowest FG on the team after Klay, who broke out of his slump yesterday. Terrible on D. Will he step up and make plays or will the only time he's ever done that when needed remain when he was a 19 year-old college "student"? HMMMMMM...i wonder.

The BIG PASS-GETTER. Mr. Never Been To Them Offs and Still Gets Cysed Because Black Folk and White Hipsters LOVE Surly, Undisciplined Black Anti-Heroes just keeps fouling and not defending the basket. ONE block in five games. SCUST! It's okay, y'all will still give him a pass. For this...and when he don't make tha playoffs AGAIN!

The SYSTEM OF A CLOWN. Seems somebody ain't all that good outside of Golden State's offense. Maybe that's why he was a second rounder. Ball don't lie. *Shrug*

The SPLASH BROTHER. NOPE! Klay's aight now. He carried them yesterday. And it will continue.

Please discuss.