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Topic subjectJust Curious...what's your end game here, in a post about Steph
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2547648, Just Curious...what's your end game here, in a post about Steph
Posted by bentagain, Fri Jun-17-16 08:11 AM
you seem stuck

once again

that post from 3 years ago had context

and you can read the whole thing for yourself

even the reply you linked, had context, even though you copy and pasted the line you wanted to run with

I'm confident you can read the entire body for context

but I'll help you out

even if...EVEN IF...even if Bron won 6 or 7...that was the context

3 years ago, I don't think people were projecting his stats, and my original reply 3 years ago, was in a post about Cap and MJ talking down Bron's legacy, and taking shots at whether or not he belongs on Rushmore, etc...

after LAST YEAR'S finals L, I honestly don't think he will even get to 6

obviously, he could win 3 this year

but needing 3 more is a long shot IMO

I just don't see that happening now

which, IMO, will leave him shy in comparison to the GOAT

but the stats he is compiling are the GOAT

just without the rings, so again, default to MJ

I think I've explained it more than a couple of times rather explicity for you

so what is your end game?

you want me to say Cap is the GOAT?

I can't, because I didn't see the majority of his career

you want me to take an L because I defaulted to the MJ argument?

2 years later, it's true.

I would assume you didn't see the majority of Cap's career either?

so you're using his stats to make that argument

which is actually the analogy to my reply that you linked

these millenials that didn't see MJ's or Cap's career

will refer to Bron's stats, and I'd be willing to bet, they'll try to make an argument for Bron being the GOAT by comparing his stats to the other greats

but I'm out on that angle

if you want me to take an L, 2 years later, cooL