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Topic subjectyou just admitted that it's dead.
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2545702, you just admitted that it's dead.
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sat Jun-11-16 02:18 PM
>He's still on that trajectory
>I don't know how to make this more clear for you
>His case for GOAT, IMO, died after last year's finals
>His stats trajectory, still on pace for what I said 3 years

3 years ago you said Bron's stats trajectory is what his argument for GOAT is based on. if he's still on that trajectory then why are you now saying his case for GOAT died after last year's finals? which is it?

>The reply you linked from last year had context
>Being, even if he wins 6 or 7 that still wouldn't be enough
>for some based on hate

kinda like with Kareem. ironic.