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Topic subjectreply 56 is factually incorrect
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2544937, reply 56 is factually incorrect
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Jun-09-16 10:55 AM
you talking about you only said that 3 years ago

when you were still saying it last year

hence linking the post where you said it last year

but yeah the case for Cap w/o referencing Finals MVPs is the fucking point

which is why I asked if nobody gives a fuck about Finals MVPs

then why is Jorn automatically the undisputed GOAT

when Cap has as many rings and more NBA MVPs than MJ

AND the caliber of statistical legacy you said would give Bron a case for GOAT based on #'s

but you're so butthurt that your Bron agenda failed that you're backtracking on your own argument

and now YOU'RE the MFer who wanna be on some, "but but Jorn never lost..."

when just last year you painted that argument as irrational Bron hate

so again, FOH