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Topic subjectIronic, since this was your stance on it before:
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2543916, Ironic, since this was your stance on it before:
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Mon Jun-06-16 11:47 AM
"Jorn won 6 straight, which I think is safe to say at this point in his career, Bron won't

so even if he won 6 or 7, MFers like you would be on some, but but Jorn never lost..."


Lolz. As for peers, just look at the comparisons you made: Pat and Karl vs Wilt and Moses... I mean cmon. And Jordan wasn't able to beat Bird but Kareem did twice. Kareem faced better competition and beat better rivals than Jordan did + won as many rings as MJ, but MFers like you wanna be on some, "but but Jorn never lost..."