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Topic subjectYes and no. But he cares.
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2543850, Yes and no. But he cares.
Posted by deejboram, Mon Jun-06-16 09:05 AM
>He threw his mouthpiece in disgust after he made a three in
>Game One due to the fact he was struggling then.
>Outside of the missed shots, he's also turning the ball over
>with some sloppy passing in both games so far, so I'm sure
>he's not totally composed and pleased with his individual

He cares because he knows to be Finals MVP he has to be on top of his game. Hitting on all cylinders. He's not doing that now. He's like 4-8 from 3pt but only has 18 pts int he game, and 8 rebs, 5 dimes?
that's not WORLD CLASS NBA PLAYER stats
that's some shit that's good for Harrison Barnes or Livingston
Maybe Draymond.
S30 knows he wants to be up around 8-15 behind the arc, 38pts, 6 rebs, 9 dimes

That's a stat line he'd like to see
That's a stat line that will earn you Finals MVP