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Topic subjectDon't fall back on generalizing man, that's not you
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2542865, Don't fall back on generalizing man, that's not you
Posted by LA2Philly, Thu Jun-02-16 04:08 PM
I couldn't care less about Kobe's finals MVP's or lack thereof, I have zero problem saying Shaq was the crux of those teams bc he obviously was...in the end, those 2 were at the heart of winning 5 rings for my franchise, I don't really give a hoot about debating individual merits...no coincidence that most of the dudes who focus on that follow mediocre or shitty franchises, so that's all they got. My problem becomes when cats try to re-write history as binary with awards like finals MVP. I care about how and why the team won and criticizing a player objectively rather than trying to pile on. As I said, it's just another criteria to cyse players for agenda reasons...the whole Batman and Robin thing was created to do just that, trying to downplay success by discounting it; that's typical loser thinking in my book and something I've never done for any player or in real life.

Steph not getting Finals MVP is case in point...the beauty and strength of this W's team is their willingness to play as a team and take advantage of what a defense gives them. Last finals, that was Iggy bc he took advantage of the offensive opportunities afforded to him (as the Cavs picked him as the player they were going to rotate away from from) complemented by his stellar D, deserving of the MVP. Does that mean he was the best player in that series? If you watch how much the Cavs focus was on Steph and how much that trapping, switching, and rotating tired out Cleveland (like Delly going to the hospital for cramps), then it's pretty clear.