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Topic subjectOh, we're talking Curry GOAT legacy shit?
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2542640, Oh, we're talking Curry GOAT legacy shit?
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jun-01-16 03:40 PM
I thought this was just a continuation of the usual convos about where he may fall on the list of best shooters or best PGs of all time.

There's no other player with only two rings and two MVPs for me to compare him to, so it's hard to say at this point, lol. If he got to three MVPs, five rings, and nine All-NBA first team awards like Magic, but had fewer Finals MVPs, then sure, it'd matter. But we're obviously insanely far from that.

It's like your college admissions essays. They count, but if you have a 4.5 and you cured cancer for a non-profit in your extra-curriculars, your essays don't really mean shit unless you're being compared to another 4.5 cancer curer for the last enrollment spot.

>These days though, I think its going to be more common for
>secondary players to grab Finals MVPS bc the teams are so
>stacked. There are at least 5 guys that could win the MVP this
>series and no one would be surprised, and thats not even
>counting the guy who won last year.