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Topic subjecti agree...but when it comes down to ranking the greats
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2542632, i agree...but when it comes down to ranking the greats
Posted by Cenario, Wed Jun-01-16 03:03 PM
(which is never really my thing) those finals MVPs come into play. So like i said above somewhere if you comparing a guy with similar major accomplishments (season MVPs, rings) and one guy has 2 finals MVPs and the other guy doesn't that's a factor.

I do think how Curry played in the series is the biggest factor but 10, 20+ years from now, its going to be about the accolades.

These days though, I think its going to be more common for secondary players to grab Finals MVPS bc the teams are so stacked. There are at least 5 guys that could win the MVP this series and no one would be surprised, and thats not even counting the guy who won last year.

But to act like finals mvp is some silly non important stat is ridic, especially considering how kobe's rings are viewed by the masses.