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Topic subjectthe red sox are an extremely blacktino lineup this season
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2458863, the red sox are an extremely blacktino lineup this season
Posted by thejerseytornado, Mon Jun-22-15 08:11 AM
Boegarts, Ortiz, Sandoval, Ramirez, Castillo and now De Aza. they've actually been quite clever--keep 3 or so white guys to perform necessary whiteness functions for the corporate racists (Pedroia to "lead" as a vet, Holt to be scrappy/outperform expectations like Pedroia used to, Swihart to play the Varitek role) and surround them with Blacktinos.

with a sprinkling of BLACK too from Betts and maybe Bradley Jr. but he looks to be a post-hype borderline MLB guy.

now the shittastic pitching is lily white (and Japanese). and sucking. except for one of their half decent relievers (Ogandi--blacktino) and their saving grace rookie from Venezuela who isn't blacktino, i don't think. but if he is (same skin tone as Pablo, can we get a ruling?), then he and Moncada count and i'd have to go ahead and challenge you to find a more blacktino team than the sox this season.

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