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2458602, Orbit_Exhausted's formal response:
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sat Jun-20-15 07:11 PM
The Red Sox have a centerfielder named Mookie Betts
who is playing well, featuring one of blackest Wikipedia
"personal life" sections in all of sports:

"Betts is a nephew of Terry Shumpert, who played parts of 14
seasons with several MLB teams."

"Betts' parents chose his name in part to form the initials
MLB, matching those of Major League Baseball. He has attributed
his nickname Mookie to his parents watching former NBA guard
Mookie Blaylock play basketball shortly after Betts was born."

Don't know or care if he got a white momma or daddy. That is
very, very, very, very, very black.

Plus, the Dominican Republic is exterminating Haitians again, so
while I care about Hanley and Panda being disrespected (I really do),
my overall stake in the sustenance of blackness in this galaxy
(starting in Boston) must be shifted to protecting Mookie at the

I'll ruminate and might have further comments on my
Black-tino clients at a later date.