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Topic subjectI still feel hyped from last night's game
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2449055, I still feel hyped from last night's game
Posted by TRENDone, Sun May-24-15 07:56 PM
Steph Curry man....i had no idea he was going to be this good.

this is his breakout season. dude is a bonafied star. mvp. most 3s in the regular season. most 3s in the playoffs. he's gonna get a max contract in 2017 & then a new stadium in one of the most expensive cities in the country 2018...just like light-skin jesus kaepernick. AND curry's mom is fine!

and much props to steve kerr. he's a much better coach than mark jackson. jack laid the groundwork but kerr is about to take us to the next level.

lol james harden. how did he go from 40/10/10 to this...at home. he wanted to be the man when he left okc. dwight, smh. not only did he miss a wide open layup but curry had no business getting that rebound from him. jason terry & harden were just standing around during that rebound, too. harden & dwight are some softees forreal forreal. one tricked 20 racks on a bitch & the other flew in 17 year olds to a hotel. cmon bruh.

when curry hit that one 3, turned around and just stared at the crowd...man people went nuts. baby faced assassin. chef curry with the shot. look at the flicka dat wrist.