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2449020, whoops...
Posted by okayplayery, Sun May-24-15 03:09 PM
>The reason for this Cleveland turn around (people forget they
>were 19-20 & under .500 nearly mid-way through the season) is
>because of great GM moves bringing in Moz, and a brilliant
>trade to transform Waiters into Shump/JR (basically 2-for-1 in
>talent whereby both guys play distinctive, complementing

Blatt first told Griffin about his interest in Mozgov shortly after being hired, but the Cavaliers were rebuffed after making overtures to the Nuggets last summer. Cleveland sweetened the offer as the need for a rim protector became evident following Varejao’s Achilles injury. Denver, whose season had stalled, accepted two first-round picks for Mozgov and a second-round pick.


So Mozgov was Blatt's guy from the jump (coached him on a russian national team, which put Tim on the map), Blatt trusted Delly even when he was making mistakes, seamlessly incorporated JR and Shump and got his guys peaking at the right time the the 'offs.

Anti-Blatt agenda is a losing endeavor at this point. He's going to the Finals his first year. That's job security. And with this team it means titles. Multiple. Not bad for a first NBA coaching gig.