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Topic subjectCan't it be all three?
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2448726, Can't it be all three?
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat May-23-15 01:46 PM
Bron gives Blatt such a great base to work from and such a versatile centerpiece, and obviously Bron is the best player in the world. Blatt has coached a lot of different teams in a lot of different situations, knows where to put the emphases and how to use his personnel under trying circumstances.

Even if you have some nitpicky shit to say about any of that, the Hawks unequivocally suck for a conference finalist. They have no consistent element of their game right now. A lot of it is Blatt's defensive strategy, he has forced them to play one-on-one a ton. Some of it is injuries, regardless of what Cleveland has going on (again their leaders carrying them through it), the Hawks are beat up now and can't recover as easily, not at all. Back end of their bench is wack and their front line guys are not performing.

So they are wack, Bron and Blatt are both playing a part in making them look wacker. Which is it? It's all three. That's why agendas are so foolish, as highlighted by ridiculous ones such as Steph vs Klay and Blake vs CP3.