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Topic subjectBlatt's done a fair job. Serviceable.
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2448717, Blatt's done a fair job. Serviceable.
Posted by Vex_id, Sat May-23-15 12:09 PM
Love how cats' arguments shapeshift to try and fit their agenda tho. lol

So is it that the "Hawks suck bro" - or is that Blatt is doing a great job?
Just so we're clear.

The reason for this Cleveland turn around (people forget they were 19-20 & under .500 nearly mid-way through the season) is because of great GM moves bringing in Moz, and a brilliant trade to transform Waiters into Shump/JR (basically 2-for-1 in talent whereby both guys play distinctive, complementing roles).

And of course, the only reason this Cavs team is still in the playoffs is obviously clear:
Lebron James. After he came back from his break in Miami to get his body/mind right, he had not just a renewed physical spirit, but his heart/mind was locked in, and the Cavs were the most dominant team in the game from about the all-star break up until Love getting UFC'd on in game 4 of the first round and Ky's injuries rendering his lower body too gimpy to plant/explode, and do Ky-type things off the dribble.

He's done a fair job. But that's what you'd expect from a rookie coach who is brand spanking new to the NBA game. Give him time. He's got a very good supportive coaching staff who have done a nice job of acclimating him to the NBA game. It's also kinda nice to have the game's greatest genius orchestrating and leading on the court, processing plays and strategies at quantum speed in real time.

Bron is teaching Blatt, and Blatt's learning.