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2448729, RE: *5.2
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sat May-23-15 02:20 PM
>"none of those were 'miss and you lose a ring' shots"
>based on your own illogical logic, neither was Ray's
>there was still 5.2 seconds left AND an overtime

There was only an overtime because Ray hit the shot with them down by 3 that sent it to OT. Nice illogical logic you have going there.

>you want to play a game of hypotheticals
>but can't deny that any of the shots I listed were ring

Um, Horry/Parker/fisher never made ring clinchers, so yeah. But I never denied that other players have made ring clinchers, so not sure why you keep making shit up that I never said.

>"Which record, exactly?"
>^^^ doesn't watch basketball


>pick one.

I asked you to pick one, which you appear to be incapable of doing.

But ok, let's pick rebounds: what rebounding record is Bron gonna retire with?

>you had a full 24 hours and that was the best reply you could
>come up with
>so disappointed.

You've had 5 days and still can't come up with a rational point. I'd say I was disappointed but I had low expectations going in.