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Posted by bentagain, Fri May-22-15 03:14 PM
"none of those were 'miss and you lose a ring' shots"

based on your own illogical logic, neither was Ray's

there was still 5.2 seconds left AND an overtime

I do recall Bron hitting a big shot in the previous possession

and playing D on T5T for the final possession

but I'll let you tell it.

you want to play a game of hypotheticals

but can't deny that any of the shots I listed were ring clinchers.

so hold onto that RayRay shot real tight

cuddle up with it at night

because they can never take that away from you

just like Bron's rings

"Which record, exactly?"

^^^ doesn't watch basketball


pick one.

you had a full 24 hours and that was the best reply you could come up with

so disappointed.