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Topic subjectnone of those were 'miss and you lose a ring' shots
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2448558, none of those were 'miss and you lose a ring' shots
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Fri May-22-15 02:28 PM
Ray's was.

>are we taking rings away from Jorn
>no, we're not

Missing those shots wouldn't have taken rings away from those guys. Ray missing would have cost Bron a ring.

>but now, you're saying
>not only can't he have good team mates
>but said team mates are NOT allowed to perform

I didn't say any of that. I simply stated a fact. You're making that stuff up because you can't deal with that fact.

>will be able to make a case for Bron being the GOAT at the end
>of his career based on #s
>he will retire the Babe Ruth/Dan Marino of the NBA

Peyton broke/surpassed almost every record/number of Marino's AND won a ring, so why are you mad I said Bron would be the Peyton of the NBA when you're saying he'd be the Marino? (And Ruth won 7 rings soon he won't be that.)

>i.e., Bron will be the trivia answer to every NBA record

Which record, exactly?