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Topic subjectSteve Kerr, John Paxson, Tony Parker, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher
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2447998, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Tony Parker, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher
Posted by bentagain, Thu May-21-15 09:01 AM
are we taking rings away from Jorn

no, we're not

can you see how irrational Bron hate is yet?

not only does he get ridiculed for EVERY thing possible

but now, you're saying

not only can't he have good team mates

but said team mates are NOT allowed to perform

c'mon, you can't be serious

IRT his legacy

it will be #s, stats, efficiency, etc...

Jorn won 6 straight, which I think is safe to say at this point in his career, Bron won't

so even if he won 6 or 7, MFers like you would be on some, but but Jorn never lost...

so those littel snot nose millenials that have Brons on their christmas list today

will be able to make a case for Bron being the GOAT at the end of his career based on #s

he will retire the Babe Ruth/Dan Marino of the NBA

i.e., Bron will be the trivia answer to every NBA record question.