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Topic subjecthonestly, the only way LeBron gets fried for this season
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2447031, honestly, the only way LeBron gets fried for this season
Posted by Dr Claw, Tue May-19-15 09:16 AM
is if somewhere down the line he pulls a "2010 Celtics series" or "2011 NBA Finals" anywhere in the remainder of the playoffs

I really do think that that Bulls series energized him on some "NOPE!"

now if the Cavs had lost to the Bulls?

OR some shit went down to have them go in out of the top 4 seeds, with the team he assembled being all dysfunctional and shit...

then there would be a party.

Chill Mode and the Miami siesta was the closest he got to "LeQuil" this whole season

I think "LeMagic" is what we're going to start getting here on out. the days of "LeBulldoze" are dwindling.

And that's gonna be actually cool to see