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Posted by josephmurf2384, Sun May-17-15 11:45 PM
Are you actually claiming Andy V has any impact? Lol. He has not played most of the season and at no point has been a cog in this Cavs team. JR got his dumbass suspended and it could actually be said the first two games improved the team as Shump got into a rhythm and was a much more valuable player in the Chi series than JR was in the Boston series. Blatt who you have already shitted on multiple times these playoffs made a hell of an adjustment and changed his starting lineup, because he saw how well Shump played starting. Shump missed like a quarter with an injury but pretty much played lights out as a starter. The Shump JR switch in the starting lineup probably was one of the biggest factors in the Chi series. Kyrie's injury didn't get revealed until after 2 or 3 shitty games, and he looked pretty explosive game 5 before injuring himself game 6. Lol and Bron's ankle turn sure looked like it limited him.

5 straight conference finals in a historically bad conference that sees several sub 500 teams make the playoffs does not impress me. The 2-5 finals is what sticks out to me. For all this "makes his teammates better" BS it seems to wear off on the leagues biggest stage and he comes up short. I'm not even a Kobe fan and people saying he surpassed him is in no way definitive and all the traits people roast Kobe for have yielded more success on the league's biggest stage. Fuck conference finals in the east in the last decade, when he gets to "not 3, not 4, not 5" than he can be in some conversations. Until then great individual player but miss me with all this "King" BS while he fails to win the crown. He's the fucking Joffrey of the NBA. But y'all are already worried this season is gonna yield another non-title for him so you are getting your rationale ready to still claim him as the ultimate team player and makes guys better until he can no longer carry him when it all matters.

The record from Jordan is impressive, rings would be more impressive.